Eid Day: Kashmir Raised The Flag Of Pakistan & LeT again in Defiance of India


Violence followed, after a mob, allegedly members of Hindu community attacked Muslims during congregational Eid prayer in the hilly Kishtwar district of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

The police officials believes that two people have died and 23 others have been injured up till now, in what is being termed as a provocation by Hindu attackers who pelted stones on those gathered for Eid prayers at Chogan ground. They further torched a large number of cars and shops in the surrounding vicinity.

Reportedly, the Muslims later retaliated and pelted the attackers with stones. While the local cleric urged calm, the infuriated crowd as a response to hullaballoo created by Hindu attackers, set fire to Hindu properties.

In other events, Syed Ali Geelani called for a protest on Eid day, in reaction of a harassment of Muslim population by the Indian army-backed members of so called vilalge defence committie. The protest erupted in different parts of Kashmir soon after the eid prayers, compounded with the Kishtawar event, which resulted in stone pelting by Kashmiris on occupied Indian Armed forces. Muslims were thronging Chogan Eidgah ground Srinagar also unfurled Pakistan’s flag and a flag of an indigenous militant outfit “Lashkar-e-Taiba” striving for Kashmir’s freedom from Indian occupation.

clash Pakistan flag Kashmir

clash sirinagar let flag


Kashmir dispute is considered as the oldest unresolved international conflict today, which predates six decades. The Indian forcible advancements in the Kashmir’s territory which was to be annexed with Pakistan, has strained Pakistan – India relations since the last 66 years. The Kashmiri people right of self determination is out rightly denied by New Delhi, and instead the state is resorting to repress the local populace through the Indian army.

But now, the Kashmiris are resisting.

The rekindled fervor, as a result of India worst human rights abuses has emboldened the society to openly defy the security forces. Instances have been observed in which the protestors openly displayed Pakistan’s flag. Interestingly, the banners of Lashkar e Taiba – a Kashmiri militant outfit striving for an end to Delhi’s tyranny, are also turning up in gatherings.

The commentators on Kashmir issues have attributed 2010 as the year, in which the masses defiance against the Indian rule was evident. That year, around 500,000 people turned up outside UN office – with some  holding Pakistan flags – chanting separatist slogans such as,

“Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan”

Long Live Pakistan


“Bharat Teri Maut Ayi”

“Lashkar Ayi” “Lashkar Ayi”

Bharat your death has come

Lashkar is coming Lashkar is coming

Even the edifice in Lal Chowk, Srinagar, was draped with Pakistan’s flag.

Sirinagar Lal Chowk Pakistan Flag

Occasionally, Pakistani flag kept turning up in rallies, but again this issue got media coverage when a Pakistani flag was discovered pinned to Sri Parbat Fort (Kashmir fort) in April 2013.  The walls also carried anti-India graffiti and slogans painted across the fort outer parameters.

lashkar pakistan flag sirinagar griffti

The dissonance between Kashmiri public and the Indian administrators is becoming increasingly evident. If no efforts are made to bridge this gap, the situation will rapidly deteriorate for India, and will eventually culminate in Kashmir’s freedom. Furthermore, the recent bombing of Indian embassy in Jalalabad and the tirades from New Delhi that with utter disregard to investigative protocols, displays that India needs to rethink about pointing its claws in Pakistani direction for its own failures.

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  1. From what I am reading in the other Pakistani media outlets…if a vote was taken for Kashmiris most of them would prefer to be part of India…pakistan is full of violence and terrorist who blindly follow twisted beliefs and will kill people they disagree with…murderers like hafiz zaheed want to start a war with India which will produce nothing but carnage and not resolve any issue…India is much more peaceful and a better place to live and be a part of rather than radical intolerant Pakistan…

      • seriously? and u call urself a muslim? how’s it feel like to be regarded as less than animals over there? u at least deserve it considering that for all ur talk about supporting sunnis (in the syrian article) u have turned a blind eye to what is the palestine of south asia. ur brainwashed brain has ignored the plight of ur own brothers and sisters (i’m assuming ure muslim; i’ll give u the benefit of the doubt) who have been suffering from the oppression that the nation u so fervently have supported is meting out to them. some “eemaan” u have…

    • lol which outlets? u mean indian funded dawn, geo and the others? are u actually stupid enough to think that after all the years of oppression and tyranny that they have suffered they would still choose india? even if they don’t want to join pakistan (which is not true whatsoever) at the very least, VERY LEAST, they DO NOT want to join india. get ur info from kashmiri sources not some indian funded traitors.

    • And this media group is run by you Indians. Your dirty filth RAW give money to fake Pakistani Media to make propaganda against Pakistan on Kashmir. You dirty Pigs will never be succeed in your dirty aims.

  2. @ Eddied… i personally know 3 different indian muslims (one from dilhi area, one from lakhnao, and one from bombay area), they don’t know each other. They have said to me on different occasions that show muslims living in endia is a political stunt (and may be few hundrads of mulsim got the good jobs and facilities etc).. but on a whole mulsims are less than christian in quota system to get the jobs… housing is also tough. comon… for how long u’ll deny the truth.

  3. No point in resolving the Kashmir drama. Pakistanis will never clean up their act and continue to foment terror.

    And after all, it’s an open border. If you don’t like it – F**K off to Pakistan. The option was given in 1947. India was originally Hindu territory. Muslims were invaders descending from Bin Qasim. Time for the peado lovers to leave.

    Bye bye….. and shut the door on your way out


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