Kashmir police’detain renowned Islamic scholar


Kashmir Police, Kashmir, Islamic Scholar,Jammu and Kashmir police have arrested a renowned Islamic scholar of Kashmir in North Kashmir, Jama’at Islami, one of the largest socio-religious groups in the state, said on Saturday.

The group said noted writer of sub-continent, Dr Ghulam Qadir Lone, was arrested from his home in Hudipora village of Varmul district, some 60 kms from here.

Dr Lone, who is PhD in Islamic Studies from Aligarh Muslim University, has been detained at police station Dangiwacha on ‘baseless charges’, the group said.

A renowned scholar, Dr Lone has many international publications to his credit and is engaged in spreading the message of Islam.

“But, the people at the helm of affairs in the state have begun to see his social and religious activities with aversion. The state is trying to bar him from continuing his peaceful activities and without any regard for his erudition has been given ill treatment in police station,” the Jama’t said.

Top police officers from the district remained tight lipped about the detention. But sources said Dr Lone’s arrest was part of the crackdown which followed the wide spread protests in South Kashmir districts on the voting day for Indian parliamentary elections. “He was instigating youth from his village and as a result there were stone hurling protest in the area. Therefore we had to detain him,” sources said.

Police have said that they have arrested over 500 youth to prevent protests.

“Further, the way police have launched a widespread arrest spree across the state, indicates that the future of our youth is being spoiled,” the Jama’t said.


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