Kashmir men spend over 100 days in jail for cheering Pakistan win


Srinagar:  Indian administered Kashmir – The families of three Kashmiri scholars, who have spent further than three months in jail for celebrating the Pakistan justice platoon’s palm over India, have appealed for their release.

Arsheed Yousuf, Inayat Altaf and Showkat Ahmad Ganai – all in their early 20s – were arrested last October on sedition charges in the northern megacity of Agra for transferring WhatsApp dispatches “ against the country” days after Pakistan thrashed India in the T20 World Cup justice match in the United Arab Emirates.
Their families, immersed in extreme poverty, are floundering to bail them out.

“ My son only loved justice. He was noway fascinated in anything differently like politics. He was always concerned with his studies and his game,” said Inayat’s mama, Waheeda, from Indian- administered Kashmir’s Budgam quarter.

“ We came to know from the social media on October 27 last time about his arrest over the justice match post. We don’t know what to do. We’ve made hundreds of pleas to the government to consider them yours and forgive them,” Waheeda said at her home in Doniwara vill.

Waheeda says her hubby is impaired and works as a carpenter to insure the education of her children.

India’s loss had also started attacks against dozens of Kashmiri scholars in western Punjab state.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath — known foranti-Muslim partisanship — had advised sedition law would be slighted against people who celebrated the Pakistan justice platoon’s palm against India.

The three scholars were enrolled at Raja Balwant Singh Engineering College in Agra in Uttar Pradesh state under a special education programme meant for scholars from the conflict- torn region.

They’ve been charged with “ cyber terrorism, sedition, promoting hostility between different groups, and making statements likely to beget alarm to the public”.

Source: Aljazeera News

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