‘Kashmir is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs’


Over the history numerous times youths are trying to contribute to the popular fashion trend in Kashmir. Some are professionally trained while some are tone- tutored following the passion to make it big in the field.

While western wear is gaining fashionability in Kashmir, contrivers like Sabia is trying to keep the presence of Kashmiri culture in her designs veritably conspicuous.

Sabia who has done her bachelorette’s in Arts said that her passion to contribute to fashion design pushed her to do commodity different. Now after facing a lot of rigors in opening her outlet, she dreams to make it big in the field.

“ My trip in fashion design started indeed before council. But I noway allowed to make it my profession originally. As my passion kept growing, by the end of 2018 I started to concoct my plan to launch my brand called The Mirror.”

“I believe that utmost of the girls are their own contrivers from a veritably youthful age and I was no different. I would give design ideas to my siblings to my knitter and everyone would love it, this passion and edge in the field helped me,” Sabia said.

Inspired by her own Kashmiri culture, Sabia said that she wanted to contribute to fashion while keeping the tradition of Kashmiri dressing alive in her designs.

“ The apparel that we wear in our homes has made its way to fashion shows. Pheran is a good illustration of this and this is how our indigenous fashion has evolved. Through my adventure, I wanted to contribute to this growing trend by putting my own inventions into it. This not only helped me to contribute to the field but also helped me to establish myself as a businesswoman”, she said.

Sabia said that as she comes from a family of office goers and she was the only one to go in the fashion business field, the original way were tough. She says that from opting the factory, outlet, and other workers, she plant it hard to navigate the first many months as a newbie.

“ Gaining the trust of guests is veritably important and when you’re just a council pass out with little experience in it, the effects get way more grueling.”

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