Kashmir Girls Hoist Pak Flags in City Centre Park


Pakistani Flag

As Pakistan celebrates its independence day, government forces in Jammu and Kashmir were dumbfounded when two girls tied Pakistan flags to the fence of a park in the summer capital Srinagar’s city centre.

Witnesses and police sources said, despite a huge security cover that is thrown around the area in the run up to the independence day celebrations of both India and Pakistan, at least two Pakistan flags were tied to iron fence of the Pratap Park.

A top police officer from the Kothibagh Police Station told Kashmir Dispatch that in the noon today two girls came in an auto and tied two flags to the Pratap Park fence.

He said we removed the flags but the girls after hoisting the flags left the place.

The officer, however, didn’t say that the girls hoisted Pakistan flags. “The tied two green flags to the fence of the Pratap Park,” he said. But, onlookers, confirmed that the girls ties Pakistan flags.

Pertinently, Pakistan flags were earlier hoisted on the fort in the Old City.


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    • Balochistan is not a disputed territory , while Kashmir is according to UN and international community… Do not forget that ….. Not to situation in Assam

      • Javed mian, Ask Balochs, they say, Pakistan forcibly invaded and annexed into Pakistan, contrary to your view. Similarly, Kashmir is an integral part of India, Pakistan invaded and forcibly grabbed a part of it. Entire Kashmir belongs to India. UN has been requested to liberate the pak occupied part. We know and I agree with you. Thus it is the Pakistan, which is aggressor, Kashmir and Balochistan. Pakistan created these jihadi islamists and is now crying hoarse, “We are also victim of terrorism”. U created the monster, monster has no identity except its evil.

        • hello tejpa,

          u r talking too much here. do you know what your leader Nehru said about Kashmir? he never remained on his words. a nation whose leaders since 1947 had committed to fraud then how can your current leaders can do justice to Pakistan. Better go and read the history of partition. try to find out why partition happened. Why people preferred to create a new country instead of staying in one country. DO NOT read your newspaper or books. READ world class material and then you will find the answer of all your questions. Particularly read territories divided between Pakistan and india, assets divided between the two and think as a neutral empire.
          Outcome of partition with the blessing of british, Kashmir became bond of contention. can you explain why indian army and raw start a war on LOC whenever something solid going to start between Pakistani and india politicians?

          can you explain who is controlling indian agencies and plan events like Bombay killing of your own people? A member of a Special Investigating Team (SIT) revealed your government planning the terror attack on Indian Parliament and Bombay attacks. Where is the poor guy now??

          what would you say about indian presence in Afghanistan? do you know what was given to your prime minister in Egypt by Pakistani prime minister which let him giving out of mind statements?

          do you know why there are so many blast in just one month when our prime minister went to China last month?

          do you know there are hindu mulvi/mulla/preacher captured by our army on our border villages and towns with Afghanistan?

          and finally do you think ISI do not know about all these things and still not speaking about who is behind all these act of love to Pakistan?

          Just remember my words. 2014. Afghan War ending would be the beginning of a new war and you know where. India has to face it for backstabbing Pakistan. Mission Gibraltar is coming again my friend, raw would not be able to raise a new mukti banni as they failed to do so in Baluchistan in last 13 years. Baloch are brave tribes and warriors. cannot be represented by a wordpress blogs, u would see them fighting ur army in Kashmir. Good luck.

  1. Mr. Tejpal,

    If Kashmir is part of india, then why you have to deploy so much force unlike any other indian state. Because, Kashmiris did not accept India. A land’s fate should be determined by their inhabitants and true owners. Not by external and foreign forces. Day to day protests and demonstrations indicate Kashmiri people’s will to be free from indian invasion. I don’t say that Pakistan should acquire Kashmir somehow, no, we just want them to be free independent country. In history, some fat ass Raja bought the kahmiri land from inconsiderate goras and maliciously handed it over to India later whereas during partition all of the indian subcontinent states chose their own destiny. But in case of Kashmir, India deliberately didn’t let that happen.
    As far as, Balochistan is concerned, There are numerous reports which verify external enemy states’ involvement in exploiting the emotions of Baloch people. Few Malevolent and opportunistic Baloch leaders have been listening to and taking funding from foreign states in greed of their own benefits for Balochistan’s Mineral Rsources (Everybody Knows that). Baloch people are being treated well now if not in the past and (Indian agencies, Israeli agencies, Afghan) are doing their parts to derail any trust building between Pakistani authorities and Baloch people. A common baloch does not want any separation or violence, but all the hoax of terrorism is being created to anguish them.
    Once again, India should stop suppressing Kahmiri people’s struggle and stop raping their women, stop killing their youth, stop taking their homes, stop putting them in jails for using their right of freedom of speech and stop harassing them.

  2. To Gs,

    Kashmir is Integral part of India. Period. Heavy military is there to protect our Indian brothers(kashmiris) from Pak terrorists. It’s foolishness to think that country can form based on religion, if that is the case, look in to Pakistan, how they are killing each other. Look in to Egypt, Syria, Iraq etc, how their so called own Muslims are killing each other. Pakistan is a failed state, their own people including politicians, cricketers, and affordable musicians all are living outside their own country(In Saudi, Dubai, UK etc). They all know, pakistan is not a country to live and have a normal life.Ask your GOvt to take care of its issues 1st and then talk about Kashmir.

    BTW, read this how Pakistan is using Kashmiri youth and open your eyes now..


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