Kashmir’s Freedom Struggle: Indigenous Or Sponsored?


Indian occupied Kashmir has been a burning issue in subcontinent, brutal oppression of Kashmiri civilians by the Indian armed forces is seen by the world in the last 20 years.

The very basic rights of Kashmiri people are stolen away by the illegal occupants. The right of living freely and talking freely are taken away by the authorities, and no journalist or social worker can speak the full truth. Every word which comes from Kashmir has to go through state censorship.

Women of Kashmir remain in a permanent jeopardy of being raped or harassed by the Indian soldiers, they live in an eternal fear of losing their men to the army.

All these oppressive measures have made the Kashmiri youth stubborn, they have made a resolve against the occupying forces, they have decided to live freely.

They have made a goal, they have set a target, and they want to achieve it. When the biggest authority of the world UN has failed to provide them justice, they have taken the responsibility themselves, like every freedom lover in the history did.

A current lot of the freedom fighters has experienced the most brutal, heartless treatment, they have seen their mothers, sisters getting dishonored, brothers tortured and fathers getting killed in the hands of the rogue army.

This lot has seen pellet guns being fired on the faces of children, which left ugly little holes on their faces and hearts.

After such traumatic and heartbreaking experiences, what does a man become?
A saint, or a yogi or some kind of a father in the church.

Would he become a software engineer or get a nice job in a multinational company? No, a big no.

Such behavior makes human revengeful and stubborn and more committed to a cause, such atrocities force the university going students to turn into militants.

As evident from a recent event, a student named Mannan Vani from Aligarh University, who was pursuing his Ph.D. degree in geology, joined armed struggle and became a part of Hizbul Mujahideen.

Students like Mannan are not giving up on their prosperous futures merely because a man from Pakistan tells them to do, they carry a history of violence from childhood to adulthood, which makes them choose the other path. The path of weapons.

Such behavior makes human revengeful and stubborn and more committed to a cause. The atrocities of Indian occupational forces compel the university going students to turn into fighters.

So the Indian government should stop looking for insurgents and jihadis across the border, instead, it should evacuate the illegally occupied valley, and call the roguish army back, if it wants to put an end to the decades’ long insurgency in Kashmir.

A normal young boy living in a free country thinks about his career opportunities, a degree he should follow, and dreams of a good job. However, a Kashmiri youth doesn’t have the luxury of dreaming for a nice personal future, he only dreams of freedom, his priority is freedom and only struggles for freedom.

Any person from Pakistan doesn’t trigger such passion and commitment in a young man neither Pakistani establishment can inject such valor and commitment.

Instead, it is the blood spilled in Kashmir, which has become gun-powder. It is the Indian guns which have “armed” them, and the Indian soldiers, who have “trained” them.

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