Kashmir- A Fight for Freedom


For more than half a century Kashmir, or Paradise on Earth as it is called, has suffered due to the extremely brutal Indian occupation. Thousands of civilians including women and children have died at the hands of the Indian army and paramilitary forces just because they want India to end the brutal occupation of Kashmir, their homeland.

Kashmiris have been struggling and rendering unparalleled sacrifices to achieve their birthright, the right of self-determination, for the past six decades. Indian forces are treating innocent, unarmed Kashmiris like terrorists, whose only crime is to fight for their identity.

IOK is seeing its worst outbreak of violence. Hundreds of people have been shot dead by the Indian occupying forces while thousands have been either blinded by pallet guns or critically injured. The injured cannot be taken to hospitals because the occupying Indian army has reportedly detained a lot of injured from the hospitals denying them the basic human right of medical care.

While the people of Kashmir resist occupation and struggle for freedom every day, their struggle is largely ignored by the international community. The war which has been declared on the people of Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian state has been violent, has been brutal has matched all records of brutality around the world. What Kashmiris have suffered in the last 60 years is no less than war crimes, yet there is silence from the international community.

Pakistan has always supported the freedom movement of the Kashmiris but Kashmir, which has been demanding Aazadi since the last 68 years is in a dire need of attention from the world community as well. Around 20 UNSC resolutions are gathering dust despite the fact that each year UNGA reaffirms continuation of Kashmir dispute. But sadly delaying tactics are adopted by India on UN resolutions for Kashmir.

The civilized world needs to understand that broken promises, lack of respect for humanity and brutal operations are leading the region towards anarchy. With no media policy in Kashmir Valley along with the blocked social media websites, India is trying hard to hide the facts. India must be very clear that voices from Kashmir cannot be silenced. India failed to crush the igniting spirit and firm conviction of Kashmiris which they have proved from their sacrifices.

As the world has turned a blind eye towards Indian atrocities in Kashmir, the emboldened occupying forces to resort to ever more brutal methods to suppress the Kashmiri resistance. Now it is up to the humans of this world to become a unanimous voice of the Kashmiri people. The United Nations, like always has remained un-interested in peace especially when it comes to Kashmir. People of Kashmir are fighting for freedom for the last 6 decades, still the UN did not intervene and allow the oppressed Kashmiri people to breath. It is up to us, those of us who are still human beings, to raise this issue and keep the hope alive for a free Kashmir!


is a freelance writer. Current perusing her degree in BCA. Her area of research includes strategic stability in South Asia, Nuclear studies, conflict resolution and international law. She tweets at @KiranRaza_01

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