Kashmir; Eid Under Oppression


eid in kash

In the autumn I am crying in remembrance of the spring;
How can I get the happiness of Eid as grief-stricken I am?

Allama Mohammad Iqbal

Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal (May Allah have mercy on him) has summed up the condition of the Ummah in these two lines; as when there is grief all around, how can we get the happiness of Eid? When the Ummah is surrounded by the enemies, indulged in skirmishes within, then how can we celebrate Eid in the real sense?

Can we say that it is Eid for the occupied and the oppressed? When oppression is all around, when killings happen on a daily basis, can we get the happiness of Eid? It is said that there is no Eid under occupation and oppression.

Kashmir celebrates its Eid differently. Screams, cries, wailings – almost from every household, welcomes the unfortunate Vale of Kashmir even on this festive day. Barricaded roads and streets, incarcerated leaders caged in prisons not even allowed to offer Eid prayers, and the young behind the bars, which can be seen as a glaring example of the Zionist tactics used by the Indian government in Kashmir.

Even on this auspicious day, the sloganeering, aerial firing, teargas shelling, atrocities and call for independence do not leave this unfortunate Kashmir people who also want to celebrate this day with austerity like others. There is a strong emotionalism striking, surprisingly, to quench the thirst of freedom on this otherwise festive day.

On every Eid, Kashmiri people greet their families, relatives, friends and neighbors by sending postcards, emails and messages; every Eid, they repeat so the whole world hears:

‘Let this Eid bring happiness to Kashmir

Let peace prevail

Let there be no killings

There is no Eid without Freedom

There is no Eid under Indian occupation.

A day when there will be no foreign boots on the face of Kashmir.’

By singing the songs of Freedom, they make the world aware that without a free Kashmir there is no Eid for us. By chanting slogans in favour of freedom and against the oppressors, Kashmiri people remind themselves that without freedom there is no Eid and there is no reason to celebrate. So resistance is our Eid. Kashmir celebrates Eid this way.

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    To celebrate Eid one must be free, mentally, morally and physically; In all cases you Kashmiris are not, and are slaves of Hindus and their government. Most of the Hindus now have muslim names, starting with your Omar and his father and of course his grand father; Beware and be alert not to fall for such muslims who are actually more Hindus than the Hindus themselves; They would betray you all Kashmiris for some money, some power and a little bit of ego satisfaction; UNLESS YOU KASHMIRIS START SHOOTING DOWN THESE HINDUS, TILL THAT TIME YOU, YOUR WIVES AND YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE SLAVES; Still there is time, wakeup, comeout, start killing hindus, then see the show how it unfold; change the color of water in your lake Dal, from white to RED, with blood; then see the miracle of freedom and Independence unfold;

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    I just read this fella’s twitter stream. Massive victim complex.

    I have one message for him. There is a flight and bus that leaves Kashmir and goes to Pakistan. In 1947, we partitioned the country to keep the muslims happy.

    That’s pretty much it. Pack your bags and leave India.

    Shut the door on your way out….. we don’t want you back

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