Kashmir dispute not gone away with abrogation of Article 370: Mehbooba


In India illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) boss Mehbooba Mufti has said India needs to converse with Pakistan to re-address the Kashmir question, which has not disappeared with the revocation of Article 370.

Tending to a question and answer session in Srinagar, she said she was cognizant that she would be named as enemies of India for discussing the discourse with Paki-stan “in light of the fact that whoever denounces the BJP or its plan or even (Nathuram) Godse, will be named enemies of India.”

The Modi government should converse with today adjoining Pakistan or tomorrow or another day to determine the issue of Kashmir and to stop the carnage, Mufti said.

To the inquiry that New Delhi had denied talk-ing to Pakistan on J&K and on second thought needed to discuss Azad Kashmir, she said, “First, they (BJP) should discuss China making advances into Ladakh step by step.”

“That (AJK) is additionally a piece of this J&K and not of Pakistan. The truce worked after India and Pakistan conversed with one another. They are shying from tolerating that they are conversing with Pakistan… After all, their greatest chief (previous Prime Minister) Vajpayee went to Pakistan, Modi went to Pakistan, so they should converse with them and there could be no other option,” she said.

On the capture of columnists, Mufti asked interna-tional bodies to speak loudly for their nearby delivery. “Nobody is having a good sense of reassurance. Reporting is viewed as a wrongdoing and truth is being choked. Numerous jour-nalists including Sajad Gul, Fahad Shah and others are behind the bars.

People groups Democratic Party President Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday said the circumstance has crumbled in Jammu and Kashmir, post revocation of Article 370 and nobody is having a real sense of reassurance be that an average person or a writer.

Mehbooba, said, “News coverage is viewed as a wrongdoing and truth is being choked. Numerous writers are behind the bars. Many have escaped Kashmir after be-ing named in FIRs. How could things function and truth win in such circumstances?”

She encouraged global bodies to speak more loudly for the prompt arrival of writers captured in Kashmir.

“After August 5, 2019, the circumstance is deterio-rating in Jammu and Kashmir step by step. Individuals are being undermined and denied of their freedoms,” Mehbooba said. She said that the delimitation report was a piece of strategy to debilitate individuals of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Delhi government is attempting to isolate individuals of Jammu and Kashmir on partisan level. PDP will battle for the privileges of individuals like the devil,” she said.

In Delimitation report, the PDP boss said, they have combined regions, which didn’t have any rele-vance, with one another.

The previous Chief Minister said India was not running on the Constitution, yet on BJP’s plan. “We will oppose each move of them… the destruc-tion they have begun in Jammu and Kashmir. We won’t permit them a simple method for pushing ahead. PDP’s plan is that Jammu and Kashmir is a po-litical issue and they (BJP) are attempting to take it on strict lines,” she said.

The PDP boss said, “We perceive how they (BJP) after 2019 monetarily, strategically and socially debilitate individuals of Jammu and Kashmir and di-vide them in areas, other than undermining them. Our freedoms, powers have been gotten. Rather than giving position, the representatives are being shown entryways.”- KMS

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