Kashmir dispute can trigger nuclear war, warns AJK PM


MUZAFFARABAD: Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi on Saturday said the Kashmiris wanted agreement of their longstanding issue in agreement with the United Nations judgments but advised that the failure of transnational community to address this disagreement could force Pakistan to resort to a nuclear war with India.

“. We haven’t developed the snippet lemon for a showcase.However, the whole world will be in dears,” he advised in his speech at a function in the megacity of Kotli, If the transnational community doesn’t settle our (Kashmir) issue.

According to a handbill issued by the Press Information Department, Mr Niazi refocused out that India had turned engaged Kashmir into the largest service attention camp of the world after Aug 5, 2019 and added that Kashmiris would chase (Indian PM) Narendra Modi across the globe to expose his war crimes in the engaged home.

“ Our leader Imran Khan is a stalwart man; neither does he fear nor does he feel anxiety. As an minister of the Kashmiris, he has constantly said that Pakistan will admire whatever decision the Kashmiris take regarding their future status.”

Eulogizing the fortified forces of Pakistan for being‘as strong as our faith’, he said the Kashmiris stood shoulder to shoulder with them.

Still, how could have we lived with peace in Dabsi, Darra Sher Khan and Neelum, “ If our dogfaces weren’t standing guard at the cellarages along the Line of Control (LoC).

Mr Niazi went on to declare that if India’s dastardly army resorted to shelling at the unarmed AJK residers, Pakistan army would not sit at ease.

He said (AJK President) Barrister Sultan Mahmood enjoyed command over the Kashmir issue and had been pressing it in the stylish manner.

Of himself, he said Prime Minister Khan had entrusted him with the task of looking after the affairs of governance in the “ base camp of Kashmir freedom movement” keeping in view of his four decades long political struggle.

“ In politics, neither did I convert the rights of anyone nor did I do injustice to anyone,” he asserted.

Mr Niazi assured the followership that the government would reconstruct all dilapidated roads along the LoC under its reliefpackage.

He said since Kotli had lately been granted the big- megacity status, work on the ring road design and water force schemes would be expedited to grease its residers.

Pertaining to a lately inked MoU, PM Niazi said that the AJK government would admit an income of Rs12 billion in terms of water use charges of Mangla levee which would be spent on the good of the people.

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