Kashmir Demands Right of Self-Determination


The government of Pakistan announced February 5 as a National holiday to observe the Kashmir Solidarity Day in support of the Kashmiris. The day will signify political, moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiris in their struggle for self-determination. The day is celebrated on Government and public level. Activities like Seminars and Rallies are organized to highlight this issue on national and International forums. Pakistani and Kashmiris make human hands chain to show the bonds between Pakistan and Kashmir.

Unrest in Indian occupied Kashmir is not a new phenomenon. It has a very long history, which is even older than pre-independence era. From the first day of this movement, people are demanding the right of self-determination. They are ready to sacrifice their lives, wealth and everything for the freedom. 94,966 Kashmiri people have lost their lives in this conflict; it’s not only the matter of lives but it also destroyed the basic structure of the valley. More than 108,658 of shops, houses and public properties have been destroyed by the Indian occupational forces that put a direct effect on the daily life of Kashmir.

Death of young social media activist Burhan Muzzafar Wani by Indian army started a new uprising in Kashmir. This martyrdom gave a new hope and energy to the movement. The youth is determined to achieve the goal of freedom. Indian army failed to control this situation with its all illegitimate powers. They are blinding the Kashmiri youth by pellets and Pawa tear shells. Putting them behind the bars without any reason. Indian forces using rape as a weapon of war. They are trying to divide Kashmir people on basis of religion or sect. Recent murder after the rape of minor girl Asifa belongs to Gujjar Bakerwal tribe in Kathua is an example because Jammu is a Hindu majority population area. Such type of acts by Indian forces is part of a plan to start communal disturbance in this area.

Even after such excessive use of power, India is losing its grip on Kashmir and all top-level officials who served in Kashmir admitted this openly many times. India celebrated her Republic day on 26 January a few days ago, but India was not able to hoist her flag openly anywhere in occupied Kashmir. Governor of occupied Kashmir N.N Vohra arranged this ceremony at his home and CM Mehboba Mufti didn’t join any Flag hoisting ceremony.

International media and Human Rights organization are keenly watching this situation. Major International newspapers published their editorials on the current situation and declared Indian forces responsible for all this brutality and condemn their unlawful occupation against the wishes of people of Kashmir.

Pakistan has always supported the people of Kashmir for their right to self-determination, demanded and raised this issue on all concerned forums. Pakistan is a responsible democratic country and respects all United Nations resolutions on Kashmir conflict. Now it’s the responsibility of United Nations to force India to fulfill the promise of the plebiscite, so the people of Kashmir may decide about their future.

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