Kashmir – Another ‘Palestine’ in making



Demographically, Kashmir has remained unchanged since thousands of years, but this time the occupiers have some ominous designs up their sleeves.

As the Indian parliamentary elections draw nearer, Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has started tightening its noose on Kashmir. Every now and then, LK Advani is championing that Kashmir will be fully integrated with India, and Article 370 will be revoked.

Article 370 forms a base for so called accession of Kashmir with India, and guarantees internal independence to Kashmiris. According to this article, the Indian Supreme Court can’t pass any law in Kashmir except for the laws pertaining to defense, communication and foreign affairs. Moreover, no foreigner can settle in Kashmir. Due to this law, Kashmir has its own flag, constitution and the local natives are given citizenship.

With the passage of time, the implementation of this law got eroded slowly and steadily. Indian politicians did this to appease some very few voices bellowing for Kashmir’s integration with India. Gradually the center started restricting the little autonomy conferred upon Kashmiris, and started a process of clamping down on all the power resources, which could have generated billions for Kashmir. Today, even for small developmental work, the Govt of Kashmir has to beg before center till they approve the aid.

The ruling party of Kashmir claims of acting as a saviour of Article 370 is a mere lie! In the past, Sheikh Abdullah, the party founder traded Kashmir’s autonomy for a mere Chief Minister seat. On the other hand, the fabricated falsehood of the Indian government lays bare, as Kashmir has been occupied with 700,000 troops that are holding on vast swathes of land. In Srinagar – the capital city of IHK (Indian Held Kashmir), out of 88 square miles of habitable land, 22 square miles is occupied by Indian army.

So isn’t the demographic threat being perpetuated by the Indian Government?

Land has been given to many Indian business tycoons on a 99 years lease. Centaur, a famous five star hotel in Srinagar along Dal river bank is owned by Air India. Few months back, the government enacted a law which was called (SARAFEASI). This law has conferred authority upon the Indian central bank to seize properties of the locals. The Amarnath temple yatra can also be perceived as a demographic threat. Each year, lakhs of Hindu yatris visit Kashmir. The affairs of these religious visitations are handled by non locals, instead of pundits who used to control it before.

The right wing Hindu political parties Bajrang Dal, RSS, Janata Dal hold views that Kashmir is a holy land for them, and the Muslims should be kicked out totally or exterminated. Some call Kashmir as the land of “Sheeshnaag”(Shiva), while others finds linkages to Hindu kings who ruled Kashmir in past. The Government of India is desperately trying to change the demographics of the land, by creating an influx of Hindus.

The ongoing genocide in Jammu & Kashmir by the Indian troops can be considered as an attempt to push back the Muslim demographically.

Since 90s, when India developed diplomatic relations with Israel, they are following the same tactics to retain their illegal hold on Kashmir, as Israel used against Palestinians.

Kashmir is still an unresolved dispute. If the international community doesn’t reign in Indian ambitions, Kashmir would soon emerge as Palestine in South Asia.

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  1. proud of the sons and brothers of Kashmir, it is not far from Allah to change the fate of a weak people to a fate of a mighty empire, it has happened many times in history; certainly Kashmir and her resilient people are at the high-ground of humanity, we look up to them.

  2. From the outside the solution is quite simple…make the LOC the new border and allow people on either side to choose where they want to live…declare the war over and make peace with your neighbors!…unfortunately people in the Middle East don’t seem to know how to end a war!…perhaps because of their Muslim background they think that any war, once it is started, must go no forever…this is their downfall just like it is for the Palestinians…and it will have the same result…years of ongoing struggle and violence that never ends…you need a brave leader who will step up to the problem, declare it ended, and move on to a peaceful existence…which can lead to prosperity for those who live there…this useless territorial dispute has no benefit to either side…

    • Dear Eddied, why you talk only about muslims; how conveniently you have forgotten the christian wars, and all the crusades christians and the church was adamant to wage war on all and sundry including the muslims; Very nice, so easy to erase character of your own kind which does not suit you and start vomitting on muslims; I am not saying what muslims do all the time is always correct and right. There are fanatics and radicals which have hijacked the muslims mindset and are using to their benefits specific to few. Wars are started by one party, in our world today, by occupier, and these freedom wars cannot be declared ended unilaterally unless objective is achieved. This is not a crusade to occupy Jerusalem, but is a freedom fight to throw out occupiers, in ME is Zionists (not the jews) and in subcontinent it is the Hindus of Hindu-stan (aka india, hindia)who are occupiers of Kashmir. It is easy to put head in sand as ostrich does, but then body is visible and prone to attacks; danger cannot be wished away, it needs both, occupier and occupied to realize that nobody will win, even if one has superpower strength, which hindu-stan thinks they are; and soon, very soon, in your and my lifetime, the occupier will be removed from the occupied land. By force if necessary; By the way, your history needs to be polished, Palestinians live on their own land and are fighting to get the occupier removed; you think they have lost or its their downfall, how wrong you can be; Again history will teach you some lessons and prove you wrong. Soon, very soon; So would Kashmir be liberated, and soon, maybe earlier than you think or calculated;

      • @shahid…interestingly we appear to have the same opinion about how the Muslims have been wronged by extremist who have hijacked the religion…I am well aware of the fact that peaceful Muslims are getting blamed for the excesses of a few radicals…but unfortunately it is an ongoing problem that can only be resolved by Muslims themselves…your knowledge about the crusade wars and other disasters that were perpetrated by radical Christians hundreds of years ago is commendable, however you missed the main point I was making… that is that these wars have ended…people walked away from useless wars…and that is what Pakistan should do…simply end this useless territorial dispute..declare a mutual border and stop fighting for territory you do not need…peace is more valuable than land…

  3. Its about time India revoked the article which gives J&K a special status. India cannot have different rules for different states.

    Pak meanwhile has to reconcile itself to its geography & move on. It shall get more water ( which is its main attraction for J&K) this way.

  4. Anand and Eddied we Kashmiris find your responses abhorrent.


    We are the sons of The Indus, our forefathers have lived here since time immorial and TODAY our cherished faith is ISLAM.

    By Ethnicity, By Language, By Culture, by GEOGRAPHY!!, By Religion, our mind, body and soul is part of the INdus Valley and more so MORE Central Asian than the putrid traditions and cultures of the South Asian basin.

    We hate INDIA, your culture, your rituals, your traditions, your faith is not compatible to us, your language is incoherrent to us.


    You occupy us we want freedom.

    We ask for first removal of the barbaric evil Indian Hidnu Army & the implementation of the UN Resolution a FREE, FAIR ELECTION so we can continue our shelved revolution.

    We are destined to become part of the rst of The Indus (PAKISTAN) and damned if we don’t.

  5. @Alaansaralhaq …. yes, guaranteed 100% that you WILL be ‘damned’ … as you well deserve to… for as far as India is concerned, ALL patriotic Indians are Kashmiris, and the whole BILLION plus of us Indians will fight to the last to keep it as part of our sacred motherland, and ‘damn’ those like you that try and resist this…

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