KASHMIR – #27OctBlackDay Top’s Trend!


Social Media simmering with Anti-India, Pro-Kashmir & Pakistan Slogans


Observing the historic ‘Black Day’ in Kashmir that marks the occupation of Jammu and Kashmir by Indian forces on 27th October 1947, thousands of youth in Kashmir and Pakistan have united people around the globe in the conscience of a major humanitarian crisis, that of Kashmir. Kashmiri youth have reached their voice around the world, and people have joined them in solidarity as they stormed the social media with with 2 days cosecutive Top Trending on Twitter with the campaign #27OctBlackDay led by PKKH and friends.

Facebook posts, trends, Display pictures, Cover photo, posters, videos and on-line activism is on its optimum as the day break in the worlds most dangerous region where two nuclear armed nations have already fought number of wars for the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, with the majority of population resisting mighty Indian military presence since the day known as the ‘Black Day’.

World’s top micro-blogging site, Twitter saw its top trend in Pakistan as #27OctBlackDay since the evening of 26th October where hundreds of pro-freedom activists joined the tirade to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

Komal Haroon ‏@KomalHaroon

India did manage to attack Kashmir and conquer some places but they still couldnt conguer their hearts. #27OctBlackDay #KillingOwnSoldiers


Daniyal Regoo ‏@KoshurX

Salam my dear mazloom qoum let us mourn our lost sovreignity,it was same gloomy morning india raided us robbed our country #27OctBlackDay


Kya Kare Koshur™ ‏@AzaadKoshur

The so-called biggest #Democracy of the world has failed to grant#Kashmir the right of self-determination. #27OctBlackDay #FreeKashmir


Syed Ali Geelani ‏@sageelani

#27OctBlackDay Not a single martyr is forgotten, not a single captive is forsaken, Not a single rape will be forgiven. Note that #India


NH ‏@NadiaWadud Seems like d #Kashmir cause has been forgotten by our ldrs &public alike.Will v not even extend moral support 2our brothers? #27OctBlackDay


Anjum Kiani ‏@AnjumKiani

More Than 95% of Muslims In Occupied Kashmir Want Freedom From India http://www.pakistankakhudahafiz.com/2010/06/03/95-of-muslims-in-occupied-kashmir-want-aazadi-from-india/ … #Pakistan #27OctBlackDay.


Murtaza Hayat ‏@MurtazaHayat

Independence of Pakistan will never be complete until freedom of #Kashmir from Indian state terrorism. #27OctBlackDay #UNTerrorists


Shireen Mazari ‏@ShireenMazari

Whatever else, one fact stands out in IOK: Kashmiris have repeatedly rejected Indian Occupation & state terrorism.#27Oct #BlackDay #Kashmir


SJ ‏@M_EssJay

Promo of Exclusive msgs by #Kashmiri Leadership & Freedom Fighters for #27OctBlackDay https://vimeo.com/77863769  #Pakistan. #Kashmir @AQpk

These are only few from the barrage of factual analysis, evidences of Indian brutalities, images of atrocities, emotional posters and passionate messages. Social Mediums have become major arenas of political activism. The issue of ‘Kashmir’ is routinely being brought up on Social media by youth in Kashmir and Pakistan which clearly proves that all efforts by India to ensure that the voices of ‘Azaadi’ have died down are wishful thinking on her part.

PKKH Youth and Social Media team along with various other youth activists joined together for the cause and have yet again successfully reminded the world that the new generation has taken up the cause of ‘Kashmir’ and they are doing it in their own ‘Style’ – They say the ‘Days’ and ‘Nights’ switch; Kashmiris have endured a long dark night that is transitioning in to a bright day of Freedom, the worry should be for India where the night will descend as a repercussion of their brutalities in Kashmir.


The relentless voice of the Freedom Struggle of Kashmir - With the mission of Liberating Kashmir from the illegal and inhuman occupation of Indian savages In sha'Allah ! Breaking the mist of bias, Indian media is covered in. Can be reached at www.facebook.com/22Aalaw

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    And one day, O my motherland, you’d be free.The blood of ur children shed in the struggle would not go in vain. Freedom will come.إنشاٴالله

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