Kargil War – Pakistan’s Military Victory


After 1971, Pakistan had another official war with India in 1999 – The Kargil War held at the Tiger hills, Line of Control (LOC), took place between May-July 1999 which created a permanent jeremiad in India when they lose miserably from Pakistan. Had India not pushed the International pressure, especially from U.S,they would have faced heavy loss of lives of their soldiers.

The main cause of such conflict was the infiltration of Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri militants into positions on the Indian side of LOC. From winters of 1998, India wanted to capture the peaks of Pakistan like Siachin and Tiger hills because from Tiger hills and Point 5353 the Indian National highway NH 1D can be clearly observed. India has attempted to capture these ranges several times, to secure the NH1D from the observation of Pakistan and furthermore to keep an eye on the movements of Pakistan army.

In December 1998, Indian Army had planned for this and to endure this plan, they opened fire without any reason. This violent act wasn’t normal. Apart from this, Pak Army already had information about the preparations of war by India. Whenever Indian Army observes any void place they enter in it not withstanding of “Shimla Contract”. However, Pakistani troops didn’t cross the International Borders but Indian troops did.

Pakistan Army had authentic news of Indian Army movements near LOC. In the spring of 1999, on the orders of Army Chief, General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistani soldiers climbed up the snow-bound passes and occupied some high positions, including Tiger Hill and Point 5353, in the vacant area and infiltrated almost 10 km into the Indian Territory (still short of International Border).

On 2nd May, 1999, Pakistan and Indian Army had first conflict when Indian soldiers intentionally entered the “Shewick Sector”.

Then on 7th May, the second encounter of Indian Army took place in the area of “Bitalik” with Kashmiri Freedom fighters. In the face-off Indian armymet a massive defeat along with heavy loss of their arms and infantry.


Afterwards, on 10th May, the troops of Hurriyat Party fought with Indian soldiers in “Draas area” which was a terrible shock for Indian Army Officials.

Indian Army ordered their Air force to observe the movements of Kashmiri Mujahedeen’s and destroyed their hideouts. Moreover, Indian Air force entered the Pakistani Airspace and tried to bombard the bunkers of Pakistani soldiers but the valiant sons of Pakistan destroyed two IAF aircrafts by the Stringer Missiles.

Nevertheless, the combatants of Kashmiri freedom fighters played a significant role in this conflict to back off Indian soldiers.

In the month of May, Indian Army deployed the troops along with their artillery at the border and in occupied Kashmir. After evacuating the mountain ranges from Kashmiri combatants, Indian army began to target the Pakistan Army’s check posts. Which were being guarded by seven to eight Pakistani soldiers. Regardless of being limited in number and resources, Pakistani soldiers equally responded the opponent and did not let the enemy succeed.

On 4th July 1999, Pakistani troops were still positioned at “Draas, Baltik and Shewik” as they were before. The Kargil war isa historical event of Pakistan in which the Pakistan Army and Kashmiri Freedom fighters gave a miserable defeat to Indian Army. Only 5 battalions of Pak Army and Kashmiri combatants inflicted Indian Army to leave Pakistani land. A number Pak Army soldiers, Commanders in northern areas fought bravely and embraced martyred. They belonged to the Northern Light Infantry (NLI) which is regarded as “Queen Infantry”.

On the other hand, same day President Bill Clinton and the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif have agreed for ceasefire and withdrawal of troops due to severe international pressure. The pressure was createdat the behest of India, because India faced a dejected defeat and resilient resistance from Pakistan Army on the battlefield.Due to the political decision of withdrawal of forces,number of Pakistan army soldiers faced martyrdom.

Before ceasefire our 157 soldiers were martyred and 250 were injured, however, due to the orders of retreat the toll reached to 200 martyrs and 415 injured. Pak Army dominated the enemy in the battled and knocked down all the cowardly attacks of Indian Army but due to International pressure and continuous orders of withdrawal and ceasefire from PM Nawaz Sharif the Army had to stop.Even in such circumstances our soldiers compelled the Indian soldiers to leave behind their arms and artillery. India still does not accept their defeat from the hands of Pakistan, but the former Army Chief of India accepted that they lost in Kargil War. As per Indian estimate, 600 soldiers of Indian Army were killed in action and 1500 were injured. In reality, they faced almost double casualties from their estimate.

This war was conquered by Pakistan and this shall be written in “Golden Words”. The efforts of Former Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf and Pakistan Army’s Ghazis and martyred soldiers will still remain in every Pakistanis heart. They are and will be our heroes and we will never forget and won’t let their sacrifices go in vain. Our Army has made a strong position in Siachin from which they can restrict and prevent Indian soldiers. After such a miserable defeat, India tried a number of times to capture Tiger hills and Point 5353 but they can’t come over as they were in frontage of Pakistan Army. Apart from this, Indian TV channels gives glimpses of the war and states about the destruction of ammunition depot by Pakistani soldiers which caused Rs. 100 Crore loss to India.

Former President, Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf regarded the KargilConflict as:

“A military victory was converted into a political defeat.”


Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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    • full of lie, pakistan is full of lie and they media also, they are ashamed of loosing the war,
      you Pakistani remember one think you cannot defeat india at all, and never dream about it

      • Ha ha ha you are a big liar ..india loss 1965 and 1999 with Pakistan and also lost 1962 war with china ..lol rip In dian army

        • The very existence of Pakistan is on a pile of lies. The fact is that the Kargil heights are part of Indian territory and were fraudulently occupied by Pakistan Army during winter. It was a mis-adventure by Pakistan due to which both the armies lost their soldiers.
          Now the question is what Pakistan got out of this so called war.
          If they had enough guts, they should have stayed on the hill tops and occupied it forever. But they knew that once the Indian Army arrives, they will beat the shit out of Pakistani Army. Eventually the heights were recaptured by brave Indian soldiers. The rest is history.
          Pakistanis ran off the war field. Now they are blaming Nawaz Sharif for their cowardly withdrawing. Really a shame on the entire Pakistan nation.
          Ask anybody including Pakistani Army Generals, Paki Media, India never started any war but once thrusted with, defeated Pakistan in 1965, 1971 and 1999 war as well.
          To add salt to wounds of Pakis, they did not accept bodies of their soldiers who died fighting for their country. Shame on Pakistan..

          • shair ki dharr pe kuty to bhonkty hain naa ……………hhahaha…………chaloo bhonko indian walo

          • Oh really… how many successful atomic bomb tests have you guys done? How many successful missiles tests have you guys launched? Pakistan are way ahead in armed technology than you guys and remember it’s the game of buttons nowadays. Pakistan can annihilate India in seconds, the only thing Pakistan require is a true leader. Most of them have been cowards like Mr. Nawaz Shareef

        • Go n open goggle of some other country n not of pak nd u vll know the truth… India won the kargil wor nd infact u cn watch many documentry based on kargil war by america also… Ab sachme toh aukat k bahar hai India ko harana toh likhke izzat bachalo😂😂 kashmir India ka tha nd rahega… Terrorist sponser state thank god pak is not a part of India varna kasab jese mahan log yaha peda hote

          • Beta Kashmir kis ka hai yeh to Kashmiriyon se hi poch lay na mera bacha…takay teri bolti band ho… Kashmiyriyon ko right to do na vote ka…k kis k sath jana chahtay hain…wo khud hi bata dain ge India ko… Aur Sukker hai Pakistan india ka hissa nahi hai…nahi to Kalbhoshan yadav jaise mehman log yahan paida hotay… shabash ab apni bolti band rakh…

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        • chal be porkistani pappu…

          india won each and every war against pakistan till date. except of 1962 against china. it was old period. but pakistan had never been strong opposition to india..you cowards..

          • abe 1965 ki jang bhool gya..Kutton ki trrha maar khai thi india ne Pakistan se😱😝😆😛

        • Indians and their pussy soldiers got slaughtered and destroyed by our brave mujahideen brothers u dirty indians had to ask America for help as ur shit were coming out

        • yeah it may have had then but do you know a thing called google ? just google it bro and you will see where fo you stand now and where do we. I mean hell !! the economy of mumbai and that of pakistan is the same.

        • i advise you to read the above para written by vintage singh and check wikipedia on google and then compare it SHARYAR

      • absolutely right just because they cannot do it in real they are making fluff…lol for Pakistan lol…

      • Your Comment hey first ur army can’t stand in front of Pakistan first give him bourn vita with milk of ur mother for calcium to stand in front of Pakistan OK ( pehle doodh pi k awo phir baat kro)

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  1. Zehra, you are in the infant stage of writing career, please don’t destroy your credibility as serious writer with such a twisted history of recent past. sorry if felt offended.

    • Did you know the meaning of liar ? Your PM is a liar indian army attack LOC n he gave the name surgical strike
      And your former PM atal bihari is a big liar he invited Musharraf at Agra for agreement n settlement over kashmir issue but indian government is not ready to signed this agreement . Liar cheater India n Indians also.
      One more think you know india is a terrorist state

      • m fudger we should have done this decades ago when pakistan first tryed to ovcupy the land. You pakis have no shame you should focus on development rather than invoicing communal haterd

        • Sahaam kashmiri

          and india should focus on developing toilets at least thereafter we kashmiris don’t have to suffer from environmental hazards

  2. A piece of trash with no basis in truth. Complete,unabashed fabrication. In true Pakistani style of disigenuity. The truth is that Kargil was a military and diplomatic disaster for Pakistan. The downside of Pakistan began with Kargil and will continue till the logical conclusion.

  3. Example of self deluded pakistani mentality.
    Pakistan is a parasite attached to India.
    Pakistan is the beggar bowl of the world.

  4. OMG
    FUSKISTAN brave ???? Side SALA Zebra (article writer) Internationally u denied that they were PAKi soldiers
    But ZEBRA its not ur fault coz as expected these assholes would lie to everybody including citizen like u who have misconceptions
    N by the way ur X prime minister Bahagoda mus HER “F” is a serious piece of shit n now absconding

    finally yes may be u r right that US may have interfered in Kargil coz had they not u would not have lived to write this article

    ZEBRA thanks misleading article atleast we knw now that ur GOVT keeps u n Illusionary fairy land


  5. to all my Indian brothers who thinks the author should be ashamed need to understand the one who should be ashamed are the directors of Bollywood movies who portray their fictitious movies as documentaries if you want to know the background of kargil war read some internationally recognized authentic books whether it be of Indian or Pakistani author, its a well recognized fact that kagril was a military victory turned into political defeat because Mr Sharif couldn’t handle the american pressure and at the time Pakistani forces retreated the had the total control of all the important post. but the real reason it is considered a total disaster in Pakistan is because Mr musharraf single handedly did all the adventuresome without consulting the PM that can he handle the pressure from international community the most of the military leadership was completely in the dark including air and navel chief

    • International report as you said clearly states that pak army was humiliated in kargil war…go to any neutral report and you will find the truth.Considering your own army denied the presence of army and called them local mujahideen proved how much they can lie to whole nation.No wonder they also lied that they won.Your own former general claimed Kargil was a bug debacle.So keep living in delusion.As for this Pakistanis writer he or she’s are good in writing fictitious stories,atleast should have done some research before posting Craps

  6. Indian war journals honoured Pakistani soldiers. Secondly if Indians only knew if geography of Kashmir which you don’t as you are NOT Kashmiri and have no idea. Tiger Hill is a ridge onto which Indian barbaric rapist soldiers occupying Kashmir can not easily get to nor find cover. Indian airforce can not successfully launch an attack at that altitude and they are clearly visible to the Pakistan Afwaj.

    look up Shaheed captain Sher Khan who took martyrdom but took many Indian soldiers to their death even under custody.

    Indians perception on Kargil is based on bollywood movies.

    Utter madness and nonsense from the Indians.

    • Yes sir you are right. Your country did not accept his body. His grandfather requested Indian government to hand over his body through channels from UK. What a shame. Soldier dies for his country thinking that country will atleast own his body. Hundreds of Pakistani soldiers who died must be cursing the day when they joined Pakistan Army.

    • well good sir you csll our soldiers rapists !? have you ever heard of the war of 1971 where your pakistani soldiers committed atrocities and systematically raped hundreds of thousands of women.while we helped millions of refuges of your lands. ( oh sorry former land or did your media cover that up too. XD

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      and Indian army is saints..
      or Pakistani army is jehadi and rapist and PHd in how to surrender against India.
      jai hind.

  7. You Pakistanis cannot stand in a fair war with Indians. What do you know about kargil war. Pakistani coward army pushed mujahideen militants forward and lied until the war progressed, which is bloody plot by Pak army. But the dashing India army pushed pakis army back and gave them a bloody nose.

    Musharraf lied to the entire world that the infliltrators were mujahideen militants not Pak army but infact it was Pakistan army which entered into indian soil and started firing at indian army with heavy artillery which were brought earlier as planned.

    As the war progressed the indian army gave a befitting reply to the Pak army as well as mujahideen militants simultaneously and recaptured all the indian posts back.

    As the indian army captured the tiger hill Pakistan army suffered massive casualties. Nawaz shariff ran crying to USA to seek help. But he was snubbed by usa and other nations for violating LOC.

    The entire world came to know about the cunning plan of Pak army. India got extreme support from all the nations.

    As the indian army captured all of posts and reached kargil, Pakistan suffered heavy damage more than 4000 Pakistan soldiers were killed.
    Pakistan was embarassed infront of whole world that it rejected to collect the dead bodies of its own soldiers, which is a big sin.

    Indian army stood victorious at kargil and also cremated Pakistani dead soldiers and paid tribute to them. That is the spirit of indian soldiers.

    “JAI HIND”.

  8. Was their any territorial gain for pakistan in kargil “battle”? why dont you fuck your microbiology professor instead and get a university lecture job? i bet your academic result of BSc in microbiology exams were not up to the mark! lmfao

  9. Writer really doesn’t have any historical knowledge, is this type educated people living in PAK? Better you read history of Pakistan instead of INDIA.

  10. You are a microbiology student. You should write about the subject that you really know about.

    Pakistan army lost the war so badly that they don’t mention it between themselves.

    No country would do their own soldiers what Pakistan has done to theirs by sending them to Kargil

    • m fudger we should have done this decades ago when pakistan first tryed to ovcupy the land. You pakis have no shame you should focus on development rather than invoicing communal haterdū

  11. The entire article is a pack of lies from start to finish. The war was started by a rogue General from Pakistan and a complete military annihilation was saved by the efforts of nawaz Sharif and Bill Clinton.

  12. you say lie.. pak army surrendered against india..
    as well as… tum logo ne pit m knife ghopa h.. during the war… tum logo pith dikha kr bhage ty… and all Pakistani soldiers done PHd in surrender.. or aap apne logo ko bevkuf bnana band krdo.. ok because India won the kargil war or conflicts.
    1965 war India captured more than 920 miles of pak area.. so India won
    1971 war 90000 solders of pak army surrendered , so India won the war.and also INS rajput destroyed PNS gazzi.
    summary-aap logo ne jb-jb attack kia h.. tb-tb muh ki khaye ho.
    #jai_hind always

  13. Ha ha ,i think whenever i go through google map ,whole kashmir is under indian map since independence but wait where is east east pakistaan ? Hahaha this is the power of indian army never mess with them…….. india bless porkistaan
    Shameless liers

  14. Kashmir comes under indian map on google map since independence but wait where is east pakistaan hahahah shameless porki

  15. fucking pakistanis.those tyrannical liars were surely born of witches.you pakistanis are nothing in front even kids of INDIA.no one can change the history and that is,BRAVE INDIAN ARMYMEN DEFEATED THE INTRUDER PAKISTANIS IN THE KARGIL WAR.search for it in other websites and the answer will be the same.

  16. To all the indians and their rude comments keep talking and expressing your hatred with rude comments, at least we know that you hate us because we exceed you if not in one feild than the other, and there is a saying that the one who gets angry first is often the wrong one.

    Anyways keep saying whatever you like and whatever makes you sleep at night.

  17. Happy Pakistani

    To all the indians and their rude comments keep talking and expressing your hatred with rude words, at least we know that you hate us because we exceed you if not in one feild than the other, and there is a saying that the one who gets angry first is often the wrong one.

    Anyways keep saying whatever you like and whatever makes you sleep at night.

    A happy pakistani

    • Please kindly tell us what are those fields pakistanis are excelling better than us ? Are u living in some unicorn island? You are not able to see the reality. Your diplomat hileli was crying that pakistani leaders dont get respect anywhere in the world. MODI is praised in every country he went to. Pakistan is going down in evry field and soon will be taken over by terrorists. Happy days ahead for u.

  18. Dear Pakis:. I am an British student and thus do not favor either India or Pakistan. However, the misrepresentation in this article makes me want to throw up. We wonder in the UK why Pakistan is a failed state when it really should have been India. Now I see the reason:. Pakis do not have the courage to face the truth!

    • You are right brother. In kargil war they did not indentify the dead body of their soldier. What a same for for the patriot soldier who died for the couse of there motherland.

  19. Pakistan is indeed a great country , won every war with india , even the men r at war with women , great men kill school children , but no , pakistan is a great country , pakistan doesn’t know what terrorism is , they know jihad , but yea , pakistan is a great country . They always defeat india in cricket , when india loses in cricket india talks about their war wins , but pakistan defeats india there also , Pakistan is indeed a great country, finally china moves under the heels of pakistan , and china is great country , so pakistan is a great country , if someone goes to any country and says i’m a pakistani , he gets garlands and hugs from everyone , so obviously , pakistan is a great country. Everyone knows pakistan is a great country, literally , EVERYONE.

  20. What to say about pakistan. This pakistan who did not take the dead body of their soldier and even pakistan did not indentify them and they are saying that they are in our heart.

  21. Pakistan Zindabad. listen Indians may be india is stronger than pakistan.More powerful than pakistan.Then why r u afraid of small Pakistan.why r u sending these cowards like Kulbhoshan yadev.why r u breaking pakistan cowardly.If you want to break pakistan then directly attack it.may be in this way u can find the truth.???

  22. Sana Zehra ma’am…its not your fault that you don’t know the actual facts of kargil war…..you were misinformed…so as to prevent the humiliation of pakistan army ….
    ….kargil was a misadventure of pakistan army , which got a befitting reply from its Indian counterpart….pls do a research …or hit google or Wikipedia….
    …. 😂 😂 😂 ….cant stop laughing 😆 after reading your article….
    ….your entire credibility is lost …..

  23. Shameful. Atleast have a bit of guilt and shame. Are all pakis blind or what. Or did allah say that there will be a Kargil War in 1999 and Pak will defeat India In kuran LOL? Why put hand into lion’s Grave? Itna jhoot? Allah gin gin ke joote marega. Sudhar jao. India ne 4 baar mar-mar ke bhoot bana diya ab kya khatam hona chahta hai Pakistan. Had hogai . Pyar moabbat se raho nahi to India koi guarantee nahi lega. Aur apne bacho ko jhoot padhana band karo. School or madarso ka course badlo balki madarse to band hi kar do tabhi Pak age badh payega.

  24. hahahaha…wow you are really a good writer… you have fantastic skill of writing fictional story, yes…your imagination is better than many writers..i hope this fictional story has given a smile on face of your porkis.
    you have written about India’s defeat what porkis can’t even imagine, but you have….really good imagination skill….
    will you ever write a article based on reality?? plz inform me…. email id is- pakistandreamtodefeatindia1999@gmail.com…haha
    and keep in mind i said “article” not a fictional story…

  25. What else should I expect from a Micro Biologist who like to share propaganda?
    Your own PM was kicked after this event.
    You take up positions in our side of territory and we pushed you back.
    Kargil was a strategic and diplomatic victory for india your Army chief was caught with phone tapping, waging a secret war under the nose of your own government.
    Good job

  26. These hindus forefathers were face smashed and throat glutted by Jinnah single handedly. Despite the barks and hues Pakistan did come to existence out of all odds. India was divided and thats a reality that exists and shall remain.
    Hafiz saeed alone is sufficient to get hindu extremists under their belts.
    Whatever harm you create to Pakistan ,you can only divide a bigger muslim state to smaller yet Muslim states.they still remain muslims and thats the goal of two nation theory.
    Time is near when Muslims will have supremacy in india too. Hindus are idol worshippers. You have limited life of liberty. Severe punishment awaits in this world and hereafter

    • Free Balouchistan, Free Sindhudesh

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Mr.Crybaby hafiz saeed is hiding behind paki women skirt. You already lost east pakistan miserably. Whatever terrorism u r breeding in pakistan is biting your own country. Dont u remember peshawar school shooting. Think about the welfare of your nation instead of trying to claim kashmir. You didnt get it for 70 years. You wont get it even after 200 years. Stop crying in public forums.

  27. Indians please save your energy, Don’t indulge in meaningless battle of words.. and Pakistanis focus on your career and make your country strong…both the nation’s burn your egos…

    Whoever the writer of this article is, has proved that he/she is ignorant and manipulated the facts to spread anger and hatred between two nation…grow up and create wealth…

  28. Shaurya Aggarwal

    Actually, the Indian side suffered 527 casualties while the Pakistani former PM Nawaz Shariff said that over 4000 Pakistani soldiers died in Kargil. How can Kargil War be considered a Pakistani military victory if Pakistani losses were 8x that of India? India still controls Kargil

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