Karachi police arrest 5 suspected foreign militants from Sohrab Goth



KARACHI: Karachi police on Sunday arrested five suspected foreign terrorists from the city’s Sohrab Goth area, Express News reported.

In a raid conducted as part of the ongoing operation, the police surrounded the area and arrested five militants. However, six others managed to escape the security cordon.

Malir SSP Rao Anwar, while speaking to Express News correspondent, expressed fear that someone inside the police department had tipped off the militants about this raid.

The operation, which started in September last year, has been termed successful by both the government and law enforcement agencies but the recent brazen attack on the city’s international airport on June 8 raised many questions about the success of the operation.

The Express Tribune had recently learnt that the LEAs were currently focusing on tackling the issue of ‘terrorism’ to avoid further backlash of the military operation in Waziristan.


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