Karachi developers design AI software that detects robberies, traffic violations


Most CCTV cameras record criminal activities, but what if they could also alert the authorities about it?

Two young developers from Karachi, Umair, and Shujaat have designed software named Traffic Genius. It can detect robberies, traffic violations, and suspicious activities.

“The software is equipped with artificial intelligence,” Shujaat said on SAMAA TV morning show Naya Din on Friday. “It processes the information it receives and alerts the users if it finds the information suspicious.”

Umair explained that Traffic Genius can be connected with the back end of a camera. “It turns a CCTV camera into a smart camera,” he added.

It is not just useful for security purposes but can be of great help to retail and media industries, and the government.

“Traffic Genius can calculate the number of times an advertisement or a public figure appeared on TV within a time frame,” Umair said.

You can also search for content and filter inappropriate content through the app.

For the retail industry, the software can identify customer shopping patterns and consumer behavior. For example, the age group of people buying from a specific grocery store can be determined.

It can also calculate the number of people who picked up a product and put it back after looking at its price.

The government can use it for the enforcement of law and supervision. The software can help identify lawbreakers and traffic violators through facial recognition.

It will be available for commercial use in a few months, the developers said. While there are many companies who imported a similar technology, Umair said they have developed this software locally.

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