Karachi crime rate increased extraordinarily after floods: police


ISLAMABAD: The port city of Karachi has seen an “disturbing increment” in road wrongdoing after the blaze floods in pieces of the country, Sindh Police authorities said Friday.

In a gathering of the Senate Standing Board of trustees on Inside, the police authorities said that portion of the lawbreakers got by them have a place with different pieces of the country.

The gathering of the Senate body was held under the seat of Representative Mohsin Aziz.

Communicating worry over the sharp ascent in road wrongdoings in Karachi, the body coordinated the Sindh Police and other significant offices to take action against criminal components.

The general rule of peace and law circumstance in Karachi and especially the presentation of the Sindh Police in forestalling road wrongdoings, including burglary, theft, hijacking, murder and target killings, were evaluated exhaustively.

The police authorities let the council know that after the new floods, there has been an “exceptional increment” in road wrongdoings in the city, adding that the cops have been coordinated to stop FIRs.

Sharing the information, they told that 42,669 wrongdoing occurrences were accounted for in 2011, 39,694 out of 2015, 61,244 out of 2020 and 84,045 out of 2021.

Also, 385 individuals were killed in 2018 and 393 individuals in 2021, while 369 thought executioners were captured till August 31, 2022.

In 2018, 2,211 vehicles were grabbed, 26,846 vehicles were taken, and 15,678 cell phones were grabbed.

In 2021, 4,783 vehicles were grabbed, 49,608 vehicles were taken, and 25,000 cell phones were grabbed.

The Sindh Police let the representatives know that there was a sharp expansion in road wrongdoing in Karachi as of late and they are attempting to control the episodes of road wrongdoing.

The Senate board of trustees was educated that the episodes regarding taking cell phones, cruisers, and handbags are not exactly last year as already, a large portion of the cases were not enlisted.

Part Standing Panel Congressperson Fauzia Arshad said that an enormous number of road violations were accounted for in the media and communicated misgivings about the wrongdoing measurements given to the board.

She said the truth is by all accounts unique.

Representative Samina Mumtaz Zehri said that the police division didn’t actually enlist a FIR when the telephone of her colleague was taken in Karachi.

She added it has likewise been heard that flood casualties’ ladies were assaulted under the guise of giving guide and kids were additionally kidnapped.

The authorities of the Sindh Police let the board of trustees know there is an extremely low pace of assault cases in Sindh and Balochistan besides in Machar State, an area of Karachi, where countless assault cases were accounted for.

In light of an issue of the board of trustees’ executive, Aziz, the Sindh Police authorities accept that individuals from Afghanistan were engaged with the offer of medications.

“Every one of the Afghan evacuees are not enrolled and steps are being taken to enlist and send them back,” they told the panel.

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