Kalbhushan Jadhav – Rooks and Bishops


Kalbhushan Jadhav; a renegade spy, designated by Indian security establishment to orchestrate disorder in Pakistan was captured, investigated, tried and sentenced by Pakistani security apparatus, kudos to them on bringing down a major enemy operative . What he is going through now is nothing new from any point of imagination.

For ages, this has been the case with any person found guilty of espionage. Only thing significant about him especially if one put it, in chess terms that he was not a pawn, nor a knight; he was a bishop, more momentous, more worthy of a check, hence clamors from his rooks across the border are much louder but beyond reason.

Try to scale it out, RAW sends an operative to create and fuel the havoc in Pakistan and when he was busted they started crying, asking for diplomatic access to one of their spies, how ridiculous is that? In reality it sort of sums up Indian security establishment’s mindset, bunch of “Wana be bully-crybabies”.

Here are the facts; Jadhav was captured on March 3 last year by Pakistani security forces. Jadhav was confirmed as “a serving officer” in the Indian Navy and deputed to the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW). India has acknowledged that he served with the navy but denied he has any connection with the government. “The individual has no link with government since his premature retirement from Indian Navy,” the External Affairs Ministry had said in a statement in March last year.

For various messed up reasons, Indian security establishment and political elite consider themselves a major regional power, mainly due to a misinterpretation of seeing themselves as a south Asian cop, an ire they desperately bid to adopt in outset of regional realignment after dismantling of Soviet Russia and altering geopolitical parameters resulting after resurgence of China. Under these circumstances, Uncle Sam bestowed such a role upon them. In regional theater, US consider India, as their satellite to counter balance Chinese factor. These aberrations are the chief contributing facts, which stress Indians to act in an imposing way to neighboring countries, as they are some sort of “super power”. Like a stray dog in dark of the night pretending to be a wolf; it can surely talk the “talk” but can never walk the “walk”.

Same utopian thinking cap forced Indian policy makers to stage “surgical strikes”. What was the genuineness of that whole exercise is now an open secret. Rising wave of political struggle in Kashmiri freedom movement is another reason of disgrace and irritation for India. This is yet another front where Indian policy makers are facing embracement. In recent years, people of Kashmir displayed their rejection of Indian occupation in a grand way. Kashmir’s hatred towards Indian state occupation and their support for Pakistan is icing on the cake.

Irony of Indian occupation of Kashmir is that more atrocities and human rights violation India commits to suppress Kashmir liberation movement, Kashmiri freedom movement becomes even stronger. Determination of Kashmiri people in this episode of uprising is unparalleled to what it has gone through in the past. It has dawned on an entire new horizon. A scenery Indians loath.

In the backdrop of all these actualities; when one of Indian agents of chaos caught napping, absurdity of their outrageousness becomes little more understanble, I mean try to evaluate what has been going on with Indian objectives of spreading state-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan? Major command and infrastructure of their leading proxy i.e. TTP has been largely dismantled courtesy Operation Zareb-e-Azb. Cleansing and combing of their remaining splinter assets is underway nationwide in the shape of operation Radd-ull-Fasaad. Baluchistan is becoming stable; CPEC is rapidly becoming a reality and on Kashmir issue, Indian policies of suppression are being hugely criticized by international community.

A staggering factor in this whole fiasco was Iranian role, Jhadev had Iranian support and he was based in Chabahar, was operating under clear knowledge and consent of Iranian apparatus. Some might say it could be decision of a low level Iranian official to facilitate Jhadev and larger Iranian security apparatus could prove to be “innocent”. Before granting a clean chit to Iranians on this matter one should also consider the impact Jhadev’s activities were inflicting on people of Pakistan. Continuous wave of terror acts in Baluchistan and Karachi were too heinous to be neglected and flagged as a “low level individual’s” decision.

A word of advice for Indian mainstream media and ruling elite before they start playing the tough guy for next 6 months on this notion. Nationalist Indian academia and political leadership need to take a moment of silence, sit down and think about their reaction over Jadhav’s apprehension. Here are some ground rules for this therapy session if they ever wanted to go for it. No.1. Pakistan is not Bhutan, Nepal or Siri Lanka neither India is US, Brittan or Roman Empire, hence bullying won’t work. No.2: They should accept their predicament and stop facilitating terrorist outfits in Pakistan. No.3 don’t worry about Jhadev’s safe passage; he will be returned to India once he gets properly hangged for the crimes he committed. Knight to bishop 4, checkmate, get over it.


Ahsan Malik is an IT professional with a passionate & candid version of his own on national and international issues relating to Pakistan, he tweets @MohdAhsanMalik and can be reached at m.ahson.malik@gmail.com

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