Kalam’s cave waterfall a new tourist attraction


MINGORA: A newly-discovered cave waterfall in Kalam valley has become a major tourist attraction with visitors showing up in large numbers to enjoy splash of cold water amid a sense of mysteriousness.

Located deep in the narrow creek of Shaho created by the confluence of two mountains along the Ushu River in Kalam valley, the cave is veiled by thick bushes and trees.

However, the water gushing out of the cave in high speed creates a lovely scene.

“I was asking about a nearby waterfall in Kalam valley from local residents that a man told me about this waterfall. I requested him to guide me to the cave and he willingly did it. When I reached here it was hard to climb down and entered the cave but once I managed to enter it I could not believe its enigmatic power as the water rushes out of a big hole with pressure leaving people in fear,” said Suleman Khan, a tourist from Mingora, who visited the cave along with friends.

He said there were number of birds flying inside instead of bats, while the cold spray of water made him feel cool and fresh.

There is no proper entrance to the cave but one has to climb down a big rock leading to the waterfall in the cave which many visitors are hesitant to enter.

“I wanted to see the waterfall in the cave and planned to visit it but when I reached the big rock and looked down it was mysterious as the water seemed to engulf me. Plus the rock was slippery so I did not dare to climb down to avoid any mishap,” said Abdul Rauf a visitor to the cave, adding he only managed to see the speedy water coming out of some crack in the mountains.

He said it needed a big heart and adventurous mind to get down to the cave and see the waterfall, and it was risky for ordinary people to enter it.

The awe-inspiring waterfall in the cave is a must-visit spot for those who love mountains and waterfalls. The visit to the waterfall in the cave gives a unique pleasure, unattainable from other waterfalls.

Qudrat Ali, the local resident of Banr area in Kalam valley said very few people knew about the waterfall cave.

“I have not seen any tourist here as it is hidden. The waterfall is located in the mountains of Shaho village which comes out of a hole. The water flows in a deep ditch and once an animal fell into it and disappeared to this day,” he told Dawn.

He said the waterfall could become a tourist spot if the government construct cemented steps down to the cave and also install an iron grill for the safety of visitors.

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