‘K’ Word at SAARC Function Triggers Walkout by Indian Envoy



ISLAMABAD – Kashmir dispute continues to be a sore point for the Indians and it was more than obvious last week when Indian High Commissioner TCA Raghavan acted rather undiplomatically by walking out of a Foreign Office function when a speaker mentioned the ‘K’ word.

The occasion was a SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Charter Day reception hosted by Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani Friday where envoys of member states, senior government and Saarc officials gathered to highlight significance of the regional grouping.

It happened when the key note speaker Dr Maria Sultan, representing the Islamabad-based South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI), in her address referred to the Kashmir dispute as she argued that political disputes were the main cause of SAARC not moving forward as it ought to. The Indian High Commissioner rose from his seat and left even before the Foreign Secretary’s closing remarks when Dr Sultan proposed that the regional grouping ought to provide for mechanisms to resolve bilateral disputes like Kashmir that have had a negative bearing on the SAARC. Initially, even the hosts did not figure that it was a walkout. However, it later transpired that the mention of Kashmir had irked the newly appointed Indian High Commissioner and he made an early exit as a mark of protest. He felt that it was not the right forum for this issue to be raised as it was a bilateral matter, according to diplomatic sources.

The Foreign Office took an exception to what it saw as the Indian envoy’s “over-reaction” and conveyed its displeasure to the Indian High Commission, it is learnt.

India has always been uneasy about Pakistan raising the Kashmir dispute at multilateral forums including the OIC and the UN although there are some 23 UNSC resolutions on Kashmir. Notably, India took the Kashmir dispute to the United Nations first in 1948. It was the first Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who approached the Security Council seeking its help under Chapter 6 which deals with disputes.

Source: The Nation

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  1. That is why Pakistan cannot be trusted. In 1972, you begged and pleaded for the 90,000 PoWs to be returned. In exchange, you signed a deal where you confirmed that Kashmir would never be discussed at a multilateral forum.

    How quickly you forget when it suits you…..

    And yes, Nehru went to the UN in 1948. 1972 happened after 1948. You guys might want to start living up to your word. As it is, your word means nothing anyway….

    • yea and india was supposed to keep its word by giving the kashmiris their right of self-determination. we all know your word means nothing so it’s good that pakistan has decided that 2 can play at this game.

      • Well, you’ve never bothered reading the UN Agreement have you?

        1. Pakistan was to get rid of all of its troops from Kashmir
        2. Pakistan was to ensure that all of PoK was to remain unaffected

        Gilgit and Baltistan have been carved off. The Paki Army still sits there. Has been there for 70 years. The status has changed.

        • unfortunately for you i’ve read the resolution

          1. it does not say anywhere that india giving a free and fair plebiscite is conditioned on pakistan having to remove its forces first. if india was sincere then it should not have mattered whether there were pakistani troops or not. the troops could have been removed as soon as the voting started to ensure that india did not go back on its promises. of course it did any way. the fact that india lied about the accession agreement is proof enough that pakistan had good reason to not trust india.

          2. it says absolutely no where that azad kashmir is to remain “undivided.” and even if it did notice that it happened after 2 decades of indian refusal to carry out the plebiscite. furthermore if a plebiscite is carried out it will still have to participate so all you’re doing is grasping for some other reason to pin your wrongdoings on pakistan. the kashmir dispute is the only reason why it’s not pakistan’s 5th province although these people deserve that status for their unrelenting loyalty.

  2. One of the terms for conducting a plebiscite in Kashmir was withdrawal of Pakistani troops from POK. Everyone is waiting for that so that plebiscite in kashmir could be conducted…… but alas the genertion which was supposed to take part in plebiscite has gone.

  3. This agreement, that resolution, paper agreements and so on… The fact remains that after the 1947 Hindu-Mulsim partition of religious majority provinces Kashmir can never be part of a Hindu majority state when there was a state Muslim majority state created for them. This conflict will go on. Pakistanis and the Kashmiris are one and will ultimately be reunited.

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