JW Forland Opens Auto Assembly Plant Worth $150 Million in Pakistan


Chinese automaker JW Forland’s $150 million assembly plant has been inaugurated in Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan attended the launch ceremony held in Islamabad on Friday evening.

Speaking on the occasion, PM Khan welcomed the Chinese company’s investment in Pakistan and said that the new project will create five thousand jobs in the first phase.

He said that the government was fully facilitating the foreign investors to secure maximum investment in the country.

PM Imran said the arrival of dollars in the shape of investment would help reduce the balance of payment crisis and would also improve the economic overhaul.

Earlier, on Friday morning, Finance Minister Asad Umar had announced the news in a tweet.

In his tweet yesterday, he said that the auto sector has been gaining substantial new investment. The government’s ultimate goal is to make Pakistan a regional hub for manufacturing auto parts and ultimately automobiles, said the minister.

Umar further stressed that the deindustrialization of Pakistan should be reversed. His tweet says,

Notably, the auto sector of Pakistan is witnessing a new high. Only last week, the minister had announced that Suzuki Motors is interested in investing $450 million to expand car production in Pakistan. Making this announcement, he tweeted:

“Excellent day from a foreign investment perspective. Global Chairman Suzuki motors visited & expressed interest in investing 450 million$ to expand car production in Pak & world’s biggest energy company Exxon mobile re-opened their office in Pak 27 years after leaving the country.”



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