Justice4Lakhvi: Pakistani Sentiments Trended Top


On the eve of 26 November, the fifth anniversary of Mumbai terror attacks, the twitter sphere was taken by storm after the influx of tweets from @mumbai2611 account. Aimed to clear the false narrative spurn by Indian officials encompassing Mumbai terror attacks, the logical tweets doled out by the team working on this project has won acclaim, as the twitter trend (#Justice4Lakhvi) made its place amongst Pakistan’s top twitter trends.


The trend setters wanted to bring in notice, the plight of prisoners, who have been detained without any proper evidence, just to ward off India’s pressure on the Government of Pakistan.


While the trend setters did manage to highlight the plight of prisoner, ostensibly thought of as the chief of Lashkar-e-Taiba by the Indians; the tweeps also raised some critical queries about the attacks.




Tabish Qayyum of PakistanKaKhudaHafiz, also attended an in-camera session organized by the Mumbai 2611 team in Islamabad.


The constant hue and cry raised by the Indian establishment on Mumbai Attacks in recent years has tarnished Pakistan’s reputation considerably. The weak resolve of Pakistani political intelligentsia and their half heartened efforts in fending off Indian blames can be quite detrimental for the stability of South Asia in future, unless tended otherwise.

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  1. Take a note of Rehman Malik’s statement in a press conference on early 2009,

    “..The assailants used three boats to travel from Pakistan to Mumbai. Investigators had traced a boat engine used by the attackers to sail from Pakistan to India and busted two hideouts of the suspects near the southern city of Karachi. The shopkeeper had provided the phone number of the buyer which led to a bank account in the name of Hammad Amin Sadiq….”

    And you were saying?

  2. ….actually, I agree. Set them free. Til date, no terrorist has ever been convicted in Pakistan. Why should this be any different.

    And those screaming about the Samjhauta attacks – the attackers have been convicted and they are in prison for the rest of their lives. Justice has been done.

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