Justice For Zainab


Another heart-wrenching news has surfaced out of the town of Kasur. Another child has suffered through the pain which we cannot even imagine. A seven-year-old child has been brutally dishonored and later killed. Had proper measures been taken by the authorities at a time when the news of mass scale child abuse in Kasur was unearthed, Zainab would have been alive today with proper honor and integrity. It is the incompetence of law enforcement authorities and lack of interest of the government towards the seriousness of the issue which has given the liberty to the monsters to unleash their evil instincts on innocent children.

Perhaps, it’s just not the sick mentality which results in such incidents, there is also the business dimension of this which cannot be ignored. As reported earlier in 2015, child pornography has been a grave issue in the area of Kasur. As it was cited by the news agencies, it was the largest child abuse scandal in the history of Pakistan. We somehow ignored the sensitivity of this inhumane aspect and no significant action was witnessed against the culprits arrested (and their controllers) in the rape of 240 children. According to media reports, the Punjab police and Malik Ahmed Saeed, Kasur’s Member of the Provincial Assembly from the Pakistan Muslim League (N), were allegedly involved in an attempted cover-up of the abuse.

When there is a market for pornographic content there will always be a demand for the content. We, as a society, failed to take action against the trading of honors of our children. The local government authorities let go of the powerful perpetrators when the Kasur scandal came out. This collective inaction has resulted in the sufferings of Zainab.

It is the time that society understands the sensitivity of the matter and raise their voice against all those elements who are somehow connected to the heinous crime of child rape. It is the time that government ensures the safety and security of Pakistan’s children. The ultimate responsibility is on the shoulders of provincial government. CM Punjab Shahbaz Shareef has to take a prompt and strict action against the culprits. Capital punishment must be given to the ones who commit such malicious crime

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