John Kerry: US working with India to strengthen fight against terror



NEW DELHI: US secretary of sate John Kerry said on Monday that the US is working with India to strengthen its fight against terrorism.

Speaking at the Vibrant Gujarat summit, Kerry said that “during my discussion with PM Modi and other officials, we reviewed the progress of our economic relationship and how to take it ahead.”

“The US investment in India have risen from $2.4 billion to $28 billion,” John Kerry said.

Kerry also said that he had discussions with PM Modi as President Obama is visiting India. “Obama is really happy to be the first US President to be visiting India twice,” Kerry said.

“I am impressed with what I have seen during the Vibrant Gujarat summit,” the US secretary of sate said. Gujarat has an opportunity to gain significantly from the fresh impetus in Indo-US ties, John Kerry said. “PM Narendra Modi has built a reputation by building efficiency, trying to make decisions faster, by streamlining bureaucracy. It be extrapolated to rest of India,” John Kerry said.

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“The US will work towards PM Narendra Modi vision to supplying 24/7 electricity to India,” Kerry said.

John Kerry also said that “we are committed to work with India to reach a landmark climate change agreement in Paris at the end of this year.”



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