Jeremy McLellan – An American Pindi boy, and he’s loving Pakistan


Jeremy McLellan – An American comedian & a Dentist  based in Charleston, South Carolina Jeremy McLellan  is loving his visit in Pakistan. He was in Pakistan due to his stand-up comedy shows at various universities organized by Kuch Khas and to do some humanitarian works.

In just 15 days he gained so much popularity in Pakistan due to his beautiful posts about Pakistan,He wrote day-to-day post at the end of the day

He enjoyed all his visits from Pakistani roads to Historical places of Pakistan. he visited  Punjab stadiumLahore, Grand Jamia Masjid in Lahore,  Baddomalhi , Hiran Minar, Badshahi Masjid, Wagah border, Faisal Mosque. Beside visiting these places he also visited  some local road-side restaurants. He even loved the Bhangra music and listened during travel and what not? He loved Pakistani local transport (Beautifully decorated trucks)

While doing his shows he even provided free dental care to the villages nearby Islamabad & making people laugh , taking pictures with the kids there!

In an Interview he said

“I eat desi food all the time in the US so I’m used to the spices. It’s amazing to have it for every meal here though.”


He is also a BIG CHAI as well as a BIRYANI  LOVER!!! which all Pakistanis are inviting him to have at their home! 


He bought two KURTA’S for him due to high demand from Pakistanis,

He said in his post :

” Due to popular demand, I got two new kurtas. One purple, one green. You can stop messaging me telling me I only have one! ”

He even keep us all updated about his journey in Pakistan


Enjoying at Wagah border without any FEAR 🙂 


Being a traditional Pakistani boy!!!


During his visit on 14th August he stated that

” The energy of the crowd, the giant flag, the loud booming music, the patriotism of the people, and the bizarreness of the ceremony was like nothing I’ve ever seen.”




Spent his whole Independence day  holding this FLAG!!! 




Being a PURE PINDI BOY but a Gora one!!! 😀  

he posted #PindiBoys4life







He even updated us with this too ! 😀


Independence day celebrations!!! 

He also joked with Indian guards there where Indian guards literary started YELLING at him, He wrote in one of his post.


the reason he couldn’t go live on Facebook 😀


He even trolled Indians on their Independence day 😀 with this  post


still trolling… 😀


It was so nice to see a tourist who visited Pakistan without protocol and enjoyed each and every moment here.

His Facebook posts were  literally a gift for Pakistani people, so positive and detailed. that many Pakistanis started realizing the positive things of Pakistan.

A BIG THANK to Jeremy McLellan for all the posts he did for Pakistan, Showing the world how hospitable the Pakistani people are  and of course not the same which the International media presents Pakistanis !

We hope he will come again and enjoy the rest of the things too 🙂

Pakistanis will miss Jeremy McLellan!!! 




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