ITU to assist PCB in digitally managing and analyzing matches of PSL 2018


ITU will be assisting PCB in digitally managing and analyzing the matches of Pakistan’s largest cricket league, the PSL 2018.

As the third title of Pakistan Super League (PSL) draws nearer, the efforts for its proactive management have also gained pace. More recently, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has come into contract with Information Technology University (ITU) in which ITU will be assisting PCB in digitizing the management of cricket matches through the use of Insights, a dedicated software made specifically for this purpose.

Insights is a scoring and analysis platform that could be used to digitally profile the matches and the players, all from mobile devices. Prior to using the software, a profiler has to be detailed who then inputs different informations like scores, field placement, pitch and swing on the software. As the software has been made available both on the web as well as on the Android, different profilers can enter the details of a single match on run-time. Once all the data has been entered, the software then performs analysis over the data and concludes different results.

A research team led by Talha Rehmani collaborated with cricket experts to come up with this product. Owing to the potential in this product, a Memorandum of Understanding was formally signed between the Chairman PCB Najam Sethi and the Vice Chancellor ITU Dr. Umar Saif yesterday, enabling PCB use this application in PSL 2018 as well as in the other domestic leagues.


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