Issue of Indian Interference in Balochistan Raised at Relevant Forums: Foreign Secretary


Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani

Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani on Saturday said that Pakistan has raised the issue of Indian interference in Balochistan at relevant forums.

Talking to media persons the foreign secretary avoided to name the forum but it is certain that the issue was raised during the meeting of Pakistani and Indian prime ministers in New York.

Pakistan wants negotiated settlement of all outstanding issues with India including Kashmir, he added. He urged India to come to negotiating table instead of leveling allegations against Pakistan.

He said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will raise the issue of drone attacks during his meeting with US President Barack Obama and all other forums.

He said that the release of Mullah Baradar is part of Afghan reconciliation process.

Source: The Nation

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  1. Instead of making fake calls to “come to the table” perhaps this fellow should investigate Indian charges and THEN issue denials !!

    Either way – who cares. I think India should support a free Balochistan just like Pakistan supports Kashmir. Only “moral” support (whatever that means)

    Taste of medicine and all

    • india’s silly charges have been investigated and found to be what they are: a pile of crap.

      kashmir needs freedom b/c rapist, terrorist india is brutally oppresing them and only b/c they want their right to self-determination. the ppl of baluchistan who want to separate are a tiny minority moron. and their leaders want it for money and power. they complain endlessly about pakistan not giving them their fair share while living lavishly overseas and keeping their own tribesppl in poverty and ignorance.

        • No but it sure is a river in india. And is cabbie supposed to be an insult or something? Uve been using it quite a lot recently. Is it even to supposed to mean anything to me? U psychopathic rapists come up with the dumbest insults.

          Maybe kasab could tell us where his parents are. Oh wait. U already hanged him!

          • No, you’re right. Your evidence about Balochistan is equally cr@p.

            And that’s right too. You’re probably not a cabbie either. Pakis dont drive. They fly planes into buildings. Hello Pilot !!

          • yea except for the fact that shazain bugti has ADMITTED that he smuggled weapons through afghanistan, given to him by india. not to mention that EVERY CREDIBLE analyst says that india is involved.

            “Pakis dont drive. They fly planes into buildings. Hello Pilot”

            HAHA another lame insult. u need better material. but then again i suppose this is as good as it gets with someone as stupid as u.

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