Israeli TV broadcasting hacked, Azaan played on two channels


JERUSALEM:  – The transmission of two Israeli TV channels were hacked on Thursday and Azaan was played on them.

According to foreign media, the transmissions of the two channels were stopped suddenly for 30 seconds and a clip started playing Azaan.

Apparently, the hackers took the step in retaliation to the recent legislation in Israeli parliament to ban Azaan. Foreign media said that the transmission of Israel’s Channel 2 and Channel 10 were stopped.

As soon as the transmissions of the two channels closed down, there appeared some Hebrew words on the screens.

Confirming the news of its hacking, Channel 2 uploaded a clip on social media website Twitter in which the Azaan can be clearly heard. While the Azaan was playing on the channels, the photos of al-Aqsa mosque and other holy places of Islam were also being broadcast.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Israeli parliament was considering a legislation to ban Azaan in the country.






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