Israeli police kill Palestinian in east Jerusalem raid


JERUSALEM: Israeli security powers gave dead a Palestinian man they said had attempted to wound an official during a home strike looking for weapons in east Jerusalem from the beginning Monday.

The man, recognized by Palestinians as Mohammed al-Shaham, 21, was “killed” and passed on in an Israeli military emergency clinic, police said. The man’s dad, Ibrahim al-Shaham, said that his child was shot in the head at point-clear reach and was left draining for 40 minutes.

As indicated by al-Shaham, police thumped on their entryway at 3:30am and “we didn’t figure out how to come to the entryway, Mohammed arrived first, and the entryway detonated”.

“They began shooting inside the house, the main shot was in Mohammed’s mind,” he said, adding that the officials left him draining prior to capturing him and removing him.

Jerusalem Border Police sent off the strike to find weapons in the town of Kafr Aqab, which is important for Israeli-added east Jerusalem however situated on the West Bank side of the security obstruction.

Al-Shaham said that one of the officials had let him know that they got some unacceptable house. Police denied those cases, saying “this was the right house and this was the suspect,” albeit no weapons were seized.

The Palestine Liberation Organization’s new secretary general, Hussein al-Sheik, required “a quick and dire global examination” into what he marked a “criminal execution”. On Sunday, eight Israeli and US residents were injured when a Palestinian shooter started shooting at a transport right external Jerusalem’s Old City.

That shooting came seven days after the finish of a destructive three-day struggle among Israel and Islamic Jihad assailants in the Palestinian beach front territory of Gaza.

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