Israel Limits Access to Al Aqsa Mosque


Israeli police placed an age limit on Friday for Palestinians to enter the Al Aqsa mosque compound during the prayers to prevent possible clashes. 

Al Aqsa Mosque, Israel, Palestinians, Gaza, Friday prayersThe move follows an attempt earlier in the week by an Israeli radical member of parliament to introduce a bill that calls for the application of Israeli sovereignty over the Al Aqsa mosque compound.

Israeli police allowed males above the age of 50 and all females to enter the Al Aqsa mosque compound for Friday prayers. The decision came after police clashed with Palestinians at the compound on Tuesday.

The discussion, which did not result in a vote or any practical measures, sparked fury in the Muslim world, with the parliament of Jordan — the custodian of the site — voting to expel Israel’s envoy and its premier warning Amman might review its peace treaty with Israel.


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