Israel kills, wounds many Palestinians during raid


Five Palestinians were killed and 22 others injured in a raid by Israeli forces in the enthralled West Bank, Palestine’s Health Ministry has said.

“There are three dead and 19 wounded, three of them seriously, by Israeli fire in Nablus,” the ministry said in a brief statement early Tuesday, pertaining to a megacity in the enthralled West Bank.

The ministry latterly reported that another Palestinian was killed by Israeli fire, this time in Ramallah, home to the headquarters of Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority in the central engaged West Bank.

The ministry also streamlined the death risk with another Palestinian killed in Nablus. Five of the wounded are in critical condition.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is establishing” critical connections in order to stop this aggression against our people” in Nablus, his spokesperson Nabil Abu Rudeinah said in a statement.

Observers have told Anadolu Agency that the sounds of gunfire and explosions were heard in Nablus as a large force of Israeli colors entered the megacity from multiple fronts and raided a house in the region.

Israeli army in a statement said that its colors are presently operating in the Nablus region.

Independently, a recently formed fortified group that named themselves “Den of Lions” has called on Palestinians to take action. “The time has come to get out of the Napoleons’ den”.
‘Den of Lions’

Late leader Ibrahim al Nabulsi, nicknamed “The Lion of Nablus”, was known for attracting the youth in the region before he was shot dead by Israeli forces in August.
He has since come a folk idol to Palestinians on social media.

In the fate, the Israeli army tensed its grip on Nablus, setting up controls to identify people leaving the megacity and constantly surveying the skies of the megacity with observation drones.

On Saturday night, a Lions’ Den fighter, Tamer al Kilani, was killed in the Old City of Nablus by an “explosion” attributed by the group and the Israeli press to a lemon ever actuated by the Israeli army.

The army didn’t note on these claims.

Violence has increased in recent months in the northern West Bank, Palestinian home enthralled since 1967 by Israel, especially in the areas of Nablus and Jenin.

Israeli dogfaces have stepped up operations in both metropolises since March.

These raids, frequently accompanied by clashes with the Palestinian population, have redounded in further than a hundred deaths on the Palestinian side, the loftiest death risk in the West Bank in nearly seven times, according to the UN.

Since the morning of the month, 22 Palestinians and two Israeli dogfaces have been killed, according to an AFP report.

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