Isolation of Pakistan – an illusion of India


India has been a prejudicial neighbor of Pakistan. With whom we have fought two military wars and one War of Freedom. India played several games with the international media to pursue its ambitions of humiliating Pakistan and to portray a more prominent role in the eyes of the world. The conflict between the two countries is getting much more intensified. It could be killings and atrocities against Kashmiris or the breaching of cease-fire agreement; India has played a villainous role in the history of Pakistan. It has been clearly observed that India wants to isolate Pakistan from the world. Modi government and previous governments have been developing close relations with the Gulf States as well as with the neighbors of Pakistan; Iran and Afghanistan. Narendra Modi declared his sinister thoughts while addressing a crowd in South Indian town of Kozhikode after the attack on an Indian Army base in Kashmir.

“India will mount a global campaign to isolate Pakistan in the world.” “We will isolate you. I will work for that.” He enchanted.

Such horrid statements clearly show the Indian hatred towards Pakistan. Nonetheless, India is aggressively pursuing its ambitions to become an apple of the eye in the world elite. While India has been struggling tirelessly to isolate Pakistan in the world, several countries were actually trying to be a part of Pakistan, whether to invest in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) or to join the military exercises with the Pakistan Army, or to start trade of Defense equipment’s with Pakistan, or gaining support from OIC and other Muslim countries on Kashmir issue. There are several countries trying to connect strategically with Pakistan. That is very unfortunate for India.


All the independent nations of the world expressed their desire to develop friendly relations with Pakistan. However, on 22nd May 2016 Indian Prime Minister visited Tehran for starting a new phase of relations with Iran. Modi was expecting to initiate fresh agreements on Chabahar Port, Construction of International North-South Transport Corridor, and Investment in Farzad B Gas project.

But, Modi’s visit to Tehran was actually useless. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in New York at the UNGA expressed his deep concerns towards China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Iran desires to be a part of the CPEC project. Both leaders discussed the progress on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline and electricity import from Iran which will overcome the energy shortage in Pakistan.


Russia and Pakistan signed a Defense cooperation Agreement in November 2014. According to the agreement, both countries will offer international security; strengthening the collaboration in many military fields; intensifying the counter-terrorism efforts and arms control; and exchange of experiences.

Moreover, both countries have signed $ 2.5 billion accords for LNG Pipeline to carry imported liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Karachi to Lahore. Under this agreement, Pakistan will give a percentage of the equity. Russia will invest $2BN in the project. The project will complete in December 2017.

Apart from these agreements, for the first time, Russian soldiers came to Pakistan to take part in military exercises with the Pakistan Army from September 24 to October 10.


United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey also condemned the atrocities of Indian Army against the Kashmiris. They called upon India to start implementing the UN Security Council’s resolutions on the disputed territory.


The United States of America has indefinitely appreciated Pakistan’s performance in Operation Zarb-e-Azb and has stated on several occasions that U.S wants to stay in strategic relationship with Pakistan.

The U.S avoided endorsing India’s allegation of Uri Attack against Pakistan and gave a statement in favor of Pakistan. The United States department spokesperson said:

“The U.S Government respects the unity and territorial integrity of Pakistan, and we do not support independence of Baluchistan.”


Pakistan also has strong relations with Britain too. Few days earlier, the British Army Chief Nick Carter gave his statement in favor of Pakistan and praised the administration of COAS while addressing Pakistani Community at Manchester. He declared:

“There is a strong relationship between Pakistan and UK forces, both are at one page against terrorism. I am one of the admirers of COAS Gen Raheel Sharif and I appreciate his leadership.”

Mr. Nick Carter responded to Indian propaganda against Pakistan, when a source asked about allegations of India,

“Don’t Build Castles in the Air.”


Pakistan also shares friendly relations with Indonesia. The cooperation between the two countries has endured for several years, marked by the exchange of Commanders of military forces, staff and school students, and the staff members of National Defence Institute.

Indonesian Minister for Political, Security, and Legal Affairs Wiranto had a meeting with the Chief of Joint Staff, General Rashad Mehmood in Jakarta on 20th September 2016, discussed the defense cooperation and exchange of information and defense equipment.

“We have also offered our defense equipment to them, including the Anoa armored vehicle, assault rifle, and CN-235 aircraft,” Wiranto said at his office.

Nonetheless, Wiranto was a former commander of the armed forces, also explained about the Indonesian government’s consideration to combat terrorism as part of efforts to promote peace, friendship, and solidarity in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.

The dubiousness of the Indian Army and Indian government clearly depicts their fear of the Pakistan Army. No matter how tirelessly India tries to isolate Pakistan it will always be in vain as the world’s impression of the world is nothing more than a woman whining and complaining about her husband.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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  1. India is notjing more than the boy who cries wolf.

    A nation that was growing her GDP at 4% did not become an economic success overnight.

    Rather the West has put the Indians on a platform. The West has opened its borders to Indians goods and services and “marketed” India.

    If the favourable trade levies were removed and the Western marketing of India removed what would she become.

    She India would return to a punitive economy given her size with GDP growth of 3 to 4%.

    The Indians is a fascinating species to observer highly intoxicated on their own cool aid. They feel their are kingmaker a true game player on the international stage when in reality they are a brown nose no different to the delusions of a grandeur of the common Hindu who was the British Empire proxy and proclaimed himself maharaja.

    The Indian is truly a fascinating species to observe and ponder. This whole debacle based on Modi war hysteria and blatantly lies by the Indian government, Indian media and shamefully the Indian army can be seen as the way this bizarre species operates.

    I am baffled at this bizarre species the Indian and how it creates a false reality and lives within that fantasy bubble.

  2. Typical emotional writting! why dont you start business with antarctica too? misfortune, taliban and polio also had nt isolated paki too.

    • Mish,

      And you write from the perspective of what logical and rational reasoning.

      You talk of emotions.

      Have you switched on your TV or perhaps checked online to make sense of the Indian media emotional reporting based on zero facts.

      You may wish to direct your psycho babble to your fellow Indians who live in a state of denial and absolutely delusions.

  3. pakistan isolated herself no by india due to her policy to support terorist .india only brought in front of world with proof dont blame india for yr isolation a terorist failed state …accept it and try introcept why yr govt not able to provide any thing to yr own ppl? when india was busy rapping fruit of progress in every field ..pakistan was busy rapping teroriest ..this the only difference cant blame india for yr failer

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