Isolated Pakistan – A Utopian Dream


In the past five years, I heard some ultra-realistic analysts say, that Pakistan is going through a period of international isolation, or it is going to be isolated. I heard people saying on tv, that the world doesn’t recognize our efforts and sacrifices against terrorism, and we are seen as an irresponsible state.

I believed that 2 years ago, and it was nearest to the reality. With Ajit Doval’s doctrines prevailing in India, and the extremist RSS government, along with the potential of the huge Indian economy, state of India was very much successful in selling and exporting its perspective against Pakistan in the region and the world.

It could be seen two years back, when two of our Muslim neighboring countries were expressing a tilt towards India, along with our long-lasted ally America. Yes, we were isolated from all three sides. Mainstream politicians from Afghanistan used to spit venom against Pakistan, and the nexus of NDS and RAW is known to everybody.

Mullah Fazlullah, the most wanted terrorist in Pakistan, was hiding in Afghanistan and was protected by the NDS. It remained a deep concern in the Af-Pak relations. Afghanistan was not as big a problem for Pakistan, as it had always been used against Pakistan except a small period, the coldness and visible tilt towards India by Iran was worrying.

Investment in the port of Chah-bahar by India, which is a seaport in Iran, as a competitor of CPEC, completely aligned Iran against Pakistan, despite few statements of nonalignment in the Indo-Pak relations. The arrest of Kulboshan Jadhav from Balochistan and later his revelation that he used to travel to Iran freely, further increased tensions between the two states as Iranian passport was also recovered from Kulboshan Jadhav. Some incidents of cross-border fires between Iran and Pakistan further heated up the relations.

This was the situation two years back, but now in the November of 2017 army chief of Pakistan is visiting Tehran on an important visit. No matter what, it is a milestone in view of our foreign relations. It’s a slap for those who said that Pakistan cannot end this isolation because of its state type, a security state.

The biggest achievement on foreign relations’ account is keeping the balance between both the Muslim blocks, Saudi and the Irani block, in fact, Pakistan has tried to play a role of a mediator between the two according to its capacity. Nonparticipation in the Yemen war further strengthened the policy of nonalignment. Pakistan didn’t become a party in any conflict, which could be seen as sectarian.

Present Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan is on an official visit to Iran and received a warm welcome by the Iranian counterparts. On the other hand, Gen. Raheel Shareef, the former chief is heading an Islamic military alliance in Saudia Arabia.

The outcomes of the Iranian visit have started to come and this statement is a diplomatic success for us, “Iran will not be part of any anti-CPEC activity”.

The issue of America and Afghanistan is different, for their face-saving internationally they will continue to blame Pakistan. They have lost miserably in a war which was pointless, and the powers which were trying to isolate Pakistan are exposed themselves.

Indian was branding Pakistan as an extremist country, but now the extremist face of India is emerging to the world. RSS is the ideology of India, and Yogi Aditya Nath is the new face of India.

The unbiased states of the world have accepted Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism, which are, Russia, England, Italy, Australia, China, central Asian states, and now Iran.

Pity on Doval and Modi, their long build perspective against Pakistan proved to be a water bubble, and they might carve a new doctrine to corner Pakistan, the “offensive-defense” and “defensive-offense” has failed already.

America needs to understand this ultimate reality that Pakistan is a sovereign state, which makes its own decisions based on its national interests, India should accept that Pakistan is a regional power with a strong army and atomic capability, and can counter its war strategies very well.

In the words of General Raheel: “Be it Cold-Start or Hot-Start, we are ready”

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  1. Pakistan has a good friend in Iran.
    Iran can never launch an offensive in the holy cities as it is Muslim unlike the unholy alliance of Saudi with Zionist Israel and the USA.

    Pakistan has nothing to fear from Iran in and must never been seen as a proxy against Iran for Saudi or against Saudi for Iran.

    Afghanistan is and forever will be linked on many level historic, geographic, culturally, linguistically and through blood with Pakistan.

    It is unfortunate the US seeks to stabilise Afghanistan through ex Northern Alliance whom were a US enemy once and an Indian proxy.

    If the USA could support the Northern fiance against the Taliban to attempt hegemony in Afghanistan then surely the USA can now befriend the Taliban and put an end to this corrupt brutal Afghan government or certainly remove the Northern Alliance remnants dampening reconciliation in favour of elements from The Taliban.

    It is of the upmost importance Afghanistan is stabilised for US, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Arabs and Pakistan. This can only happen through reconciliation with The Taliban who hold 45% of Afghanistan. The Taliban represent the Pashtins the largest ethnicity in Afghanistan and I would like to add there are more Pashtuns in Karachi or Peshawar than say Qabul or Qandahar.

    It has always been India’s interest to prolong the war and divide Afghanistan along sectarian lines as this is the only way she has foothold in Afghanistan through her proxy the Northern Alliance.

    So why must US stabilise Afghanistan based on the remnants of The Northern Alliance when in reality they must choose the dominant side namely The Pashtuns and it does mean India has no place in India.

    Let India focus on the Pacific or SE Asia because she has no place in central Asia and the sooner the US figure this out the sooner the Afghan war will come to a natural conclusion.

    Furthermore why should US economy suffer from a economically strong China. China is creating new markets, economies and opportunities and the US and US like European enterprises should be working with China to capitalise on these opportunities.

    The age of empires and Imperialism is over.

    US has an opportunity to build something new like the North Atlantic trade agreements but in Asia North Atlantic and Asia agreements working with China and not against it.

    To me it seems US is now fighting India’s war or basing her future on an Indian agenda.

    US must stop and think strategy again.

    China, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Russia are the real stakeholders in central Asia so why force an outsider namely India who has a divergent agenda to the above nations in Afghanistan and central Asia.

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