Islamabad needs to curtail imports, says Chinese envoy


KARACHI: China’s Consul General Li Bijian said on Tuesday Pakistan should reduce significances from the largest Asian frugality as the bilateral trade is largely disposed against Islamabad.

At a form to mark the morning of the original assembling of Chinese home appliances brand Midea, Mr Li said the “ heavy imbalance” in the bilateral trade is a “ problem” that Islamabad should resolve through import negotiation.

“ You import more and import less, indeed though my government in collaboration with your government is trying to constrict down the trade deficiency. We want to see balanced trade,” he said.

According to import payments data issued by the central bank, nearly one-fourth of the total import bill in 2020-21 began from China alone. In discrepancy, China’s share in Pakistan’s import bills was lower than 8pc in the same time.

The Chinese diplomat said the trade situation was “ not developing as we wish” despite the free trade agreement that allows Pakistan to export further than 300 particulars to export to China without tariff.

He praised Midea products, saying the brand is “ one of the most popular” bones in China. “ It ’ll narrow down Pakistan’s trade deficiency,” he said.

Tri-Angels Electronics Ltd has imported ministry worth$ 1 million to assemble Midea’s fryer ranges and water dispensers in Pakistan. Since 2018, it has independently invested$2.3 m to assemble products of Hisense Electronics, a Chinese brand that makes LED Television sets besides other particulars.

Speaking to the press,Tri-Angels Electronics CEO Imran Ghani said the company’s capacity to assemble fryer ranges is 500 units a day. Its capacity for assembling water dispensers is 300 pieces a day.

Pakistanis buy about water dispensers every time, with ménage and commercial parts holding a 50pc request share each. The total request for fryer ranges is units a time, he said.

The company began assembling water dispensers last week in Karachi. The assembling of fryer ranges will commence in the alternate week of April, said Mr Ghani.

In the face of tough competition from original and other Chinese brands operating in the white consumer goods assiduity, theTri-Angels Electronics CEO plans to play up “ product features and design” while keeping retail prices on a par with being players.

Mr Ghani claimed to enjoy a 5pc share in the LED Television request that, he says, consists of1.4 m units a time. “ We ’re growing our request share fleetly. Our average profit growth has been 30pc a time,” he said.

Going forward, the company plans to export its products to the countries belonging to the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation bloc. “ We ’re holding conversations with Midea, which formerly has buyers in those countries,” he said.

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