BAGHDAD – The self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) insurgents seized control of the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar on Sunday in a second major victory over Kurdish forces in the region, witnesses said.

Witnesses said residents of Sinjar were fleeing after Kurdish fighters put up little resistance against the militants. ISIS insurgents earlier defeated Kurdish fighters in the town of Zumar.




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  1. ISIS is the epitome of evil Islam in the world today…“We’re not talking about just a few lunatics- every religion has a few lunatics. We’re talking about millions of people who hate Christians, who hate Jews! And unlike the Communist Chinese or the North Koreans who are killing out of atheism, these people are killing in the name of God! If Islam is to be a religion of peace, they must do something to resurrect that image because right now, they are a religion of war!”

    • Eddied..
      You are an idiot and wasteful person who just do a job of writing hatred and blaming statement
      If hitler had killed the people then we cannot say that Christianity is a religion of war as all christians donot support that like wise if isis is doing somethong bad then you cannot blame the wholeuslim world or religion. If some one is using religion as a tool to hide his sins then its their fault mot religion. And btw they are totally operating on the aids of western power who have the ultimate agenda of dividing iraq on sects…. so do some research rather than just sitting all the time on pc writing foolish things
      It seems like you are some jobless guy being kicked off during economic recession time who now enjoy writing baseless arguments.

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