Iran suspends talks with Saudi Arabia


DUBAI: Iran has suspended addresses with indigenous rival Saudi Arabia, a website combined to Iran’s top security body reported on Sunday, without giving a reason for the decision which comes as a fifth round of accommodations was due to start this week.

A day before Saudi Arabia carried out mass prosecutions that activists said included 41 Shias. Meanwhile addresses on an Iranian nuclear deal in Vienna have stalled.

“ Iran has unilaterally suspended addresses with Saudi Arabia,” Nour News said, without furnishing a reason. It said no specific date had been listed for a new round of addresses.

The Saudi government media office CIC didn’t incontinently respond to a request for comment.

Saudi Arabia and Iran, which are locked in deputy conflicts around the region, started direct addresses last time to try to contain pressures. Iraq’s foreign minister said on Saturday his country would host a new round on Wednesday.

Riyadh in 2016 disassociated ties with Iran after Iranian protesters stormed the Saudi delegacy in Tehran following the prosecution of a Shia clergyperson in Saudi Arabia.

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia said it had executed 81 men in its biggest mass prosecution in decades. Activists and rights protectors said 41 were Shias from the eastern Qatif region, which has historically been a flashpoint between the Sunni- dominated government andShias.Lebanon’s Iran- backed Hezbollah condemned in a statement on Sunday the prosecutions as an “ unattractive crime”.

Saudi Arabia and Iran have backed opposing sides in indigenous conflicts and political controversies in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq for times, and Saudi Arabia has led an Arab coalition waging war against the Iran-aligned Houthi movement in Yemen since 2015.

Riyadh has said little progress has been made in the direct addresses, which have concentrated largely on Yemen. Houthi authorities said on Saturday two Yemeni “ captures of war” were among those executed by Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, addresses to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal face the prospect of collapse after a last- nanosecond Russian demand forced world powers to break accommodations for an undetermined time despite having a largely completed textbook.

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