iPhone users will no longer need to read WhatsApp messages


A new update on the iPhone will enable users to have Siri read their WhatsApp messages. According to macrumours, the latest update will be available to users running at least iOS 10.3.

Other changes include:

  • In my updates screen, users can select multiple statuses at once and forward or revoke them
  • Voice call icon has been replaced the + icon
  • Two-step verification interface redesigned to make it easier to use
  • Contact info, group info and calls section also redesigned
  • Persian language added

WhatsApp may soon let you unsend messages

WhatsApp could soon let users recall messages sent within five minutes, offering a way to prevent an embarrassment over mistaken texts.

The sought after feature will allow users to “unsend” messages, removing them from a receiver’s phone before they have had a chance to read them.

The app wants to help its users save themselves from the regret caused by misfired messages





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