IOF shoots, kills Palestinian youngster in al-Khalil


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– A Palestinian young man was shot and killed by an Israeli border policeman near a military checkpoint in al-Khalil after an alleged stabbing attack on an Israeli soldier.

However, eyewitness affirmed that the Israeli soldiers, who were stationed at the checkpoint, opened fire at the victim while he was approximately 50 meters away from the checkpoint.

He was then left to bleed for long hours as ambulances were prevented by Israeli forces from transferring him, the sources added.

Another eyewitness told the PIC reporter that the victim, in his twenties, fell to the ground then the soldiers took off his clothes and wrapped him in a black sack.

He added that an Israeli soldier approached the youth and shot him in the head, he added.

A third eyewitness said that students of a nearby elementary school threw stones at the Israeli soldiers who responded by firing live rounds at them. An Israeli soldier was slightly injured after a stone hit his head.

The victim was passing near the checkpoint at that time, the eyewitness continued, when the soldiers shot and killed him.



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