Investors are being helped in every way possible by the government: PM


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has stated that the government is facilitating foreign investment in Pakistan in every way possible for investors.

Today, he was in Islamabad speaking with a group from Jefferies, an international firm that specializes in capital markets and investment banking.

The company was invited to open an office in Pakistan by the Prime Minister as a way of welcoming the delegation. He said that the government is doing everything it can to help the economy. He stated that the coalition government’s tough decisions have eliminated any threat of default. He stated that false information about Pakistan’s economic situation is being disseminated in an effort to instill uncertainty throughout the nation.

The coalition government, according to the Prime Minister, saved the nation from the incompetence of the previous four years, despite the political cost.

He stated that the government is prioritizing its efforts to reduce inflation and provide relief to the general populace. In addition, the government is working hard to reduce the deficit in foreign trade.

The delegation praised the nation’s progress toward economic stability by effectively addressing economic challenges under the Prime Minister’s leadership.
Additionally, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar attended the event.

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