Instead of Balochistan India should resolve Khalistan Issue


India really likes to interfere in Pakistan’s internal affairs; whether it’s about politics in Pakistan or relations of Pakistan with other countries, it’s about the water of Pakistan or the terrorism Pakistan is facing. India loves to interfere in all kinds of matters. Nowadays India is raising Baluchistan’s Independence issue. Narendra Modi claims that Pakistan supports terrorism and himself openly accepts support of rebels to divide Pakistan. However, Pakistan is an independent country and Baluchistan is its integral part. Therefore India should stop poking their nose in Pakistan’s matters and first resolve their own internal affairs. As a prominent Sikh leader Dr. Amarjit Singh recently said:

“India was never a state and it would never be a state due to the existence of multi-cultural communities. With the help of Pakistan, Sikh community can make Khalistan a separate state to get rid of Indian state terrorism.”

Khalistan’s issue is not a new one. At the time of separation in 1947, Hindus deceived the Sikh community of India by promising them their rights and self-governance in their region, but afterwards used them for their own interests. Just after separation, when India was done with their interests with Sikhs, they started showing their real face. First of all, they totally forgot the promises to provide them an autonomous region and their constitutional rights. Then after a few years, the total of 12,000 Sikhs were arrested for demanding Punjabi to be the official language of the Punjab.

In June 1984 under Operation Blue Star, Indian government desecrated and damaged the Akal Takht (which is the holiest Sikh shrine) and killed hundreds of Sikhs. Indian armed forces use their latest weapons, machine guns and also tanks for this operation. That was a major and the most tragic incident in Sikhs’ history. Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her two Sikh bodyguards in retaliation.

That was not the end of Indian terrorism after that Indian government started Operation Wood rose under which thousands of innocent Sikhs were abducted and killed. More than seven thousand Sikhs were burned alive in Delhi afterwards.

In India, no one can raise their voice against injustice and if they do, they are brutally slain. There are several separatist movements ongoing across India. Additionally, India wants to camouflage the Kashmir issue by interfering and highlighting Pakistan’s internal non-issues. Conversely, India not only likes to interfere in other countries’ internal matters, but it also conducts organizes state sponsored terrorism against its own people. Well, in the case of Baluchistan, before talking about it India should focus and resolve Khalistan’s matter.

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  1. If Pakistan is going to stir the khalistan issue then why not you give back Lahore the Sikhs khalistan capital.

    After all Pakistan is holding onto to the larger part of the Sikh homeland.

    Sikhs are not stupid the now that Pakistan is holding using the khalistan propaganda so that they can easily fight for kashmir

    No Muslim is a friend of Sikhs. Pakistani kill more Sikhs than Hindus ever had

    Khalistan will happen AND!! It will include all 80,000 Sq miles of Pakistani held territory

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