Innovative sound therapy treats hypertension and migraine


Islamabad: According to recent study an innovative, non invasive neuro-technology balances the brain frequencies in the left and right hemispheres reducing blood pressure and removing the symptoms of migraine.

Shaltout explains, “Gradually and on its own with no conscious cognitive activity required, the electrical pattern tends to shift towards improved balance and reduced hyper arousal. The theory is that trauma whether physical or otherwise can lead to disturbances in the brain s normal activity. For instance if the brain’s fight or flight (sympathetic) nervous system is activated and for whatever reason not able to return to normal it could be unhealthy and contribute to disease.”

HIRREM is not intended to treat cure heal or diagnose any disease mental illness or symptom and individual results and duration of effects may vary. However its fascinating potential has not been ignored by medical researchers.

The first study to be presented at the scientific sessions involved 10 participants (half men half women) with stage one hypertension. After an average of 17.7, HIRREM sessions spread over an average of 10.2 in office days the patients showed a significant improvement.

On average the researchers measured a reduction in systolic blood pressure from 152 to 136 millimeters of mercury and a reduction in their diastolic pressure from 97 to 81 millimeters of mercury. Insomnia and anxiety levels also improved.

“An increase in variability is a good thing.”

According to Shaltout, “The more flexibility and dynamic range the body has to be able to change the heart rate in response to the blood pressure the better.”

“In the second study 52 adults with migraine were treated and many Patients reported improvements in insomnia headaches and mood.
Of course due to the studies small size it is difficult to extrapolate the results however these two investigations are just a small part of a larger research program that has now enrolled over 400 participants. If these findings are confirmed in larger controlled studies HIRREM may prove to be a valuable new approach for brain based healthcare,” Shaltout said.

Finding a solution that offers an improvement to medical issues that are notoriously difficult to treat without the need for invasive techniques could be a real breakthrough.

No doubt many insomnia and migraine sufferers will be waiting to hear the results of the larger trial with baited breath.






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