India’s two front war: a brief overview of India-China conflict in Ladakh


Troop deployment always a ‘big deal’ for Indian military, slow and costly. Yet again, Indian military facing difficulties in completing its troop deployment phase since the scuffles between India and China started taking place on India’s northern end. Before the stand-off, Indian military merely had approx 150 troops on Naku La border adjacent to Sikkim which is an example of how India never expected to have its northern border getting hot.

Indian experts and military strategists have been expressing concerns time and again about Chinese and Pakistani militaries joining hands in Ladakh region and after the recent stand-off their concerns have turned into a ‘nightmare’. A retired Indian general, H.S. Panag, a few days ago, said,
“The manner in which we had to rush reinforcements from other sectors gives a clear indication that we were surprised”.


For those who do not have an idea about Ladakh’s location, it is a region administered by India close to Siachen on its east where both Pakistani and Indian Militarizes are eyeball-to-eyeball from decades. On its north, China is administering an area called Aksai Chin. It is also not far from the main artery of CPEC. So, India does not welcome the increasing cooperation between China and Pakistan and their future plans of operationalising CPEC route and securing it which India believes, might undermine Indian influence in the region.

India’s counter strategy:

There have been a number of disputes between Indian and Chinese militarizes in last few years. In order to counter the increasing collaboration between the two allies, India planned to gain a better access of the region to keep an eagle eye on CPEC route and keep its supply line active.

Current Dispute:

To strengthen its supply line, India decided to build a 60 metre long bridge on Galwan rivulet that would give an easy access to Daulat Beg oldie post of Indian military which is the last Indian post. Indian defence experts believe that Ladakh is the only area where on-ground military collusion between China and Pakistan can take place.

Troops Build-up:

China has been cautious so far about troops build-up but it seems Modi’s over ambitiousness is provoking the Dragon. Chinese President, last week, ordered PLA to be prepared for a warlike situation. According to unconfirmed reports Chinese military has secured a few miles of what India claims to be their land. China has deployed around 5000 troops or more. India too has been moving its troops forwards last 3 days.

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  1. Pin has dropped for India.

    It can NEVER survive a 2 dront war a pincer movement from Pakistan and China.

    A third front will be the Naxalites enough to spread across the Indian Fragile Union.

    In the words of our beloved national hero Marhoom General Hameed Gul to paraphrase.. “Modi is a gift for Pakistan”

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