Indian troops martyr nine Kashmiris in March


Srinagar  – Indian troops in their unabated acts of state terrorism martyred nine Kashmiris in the last month of March.

According to the data compiled by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, the troops subjected one person to custodial disappearance.

One hundred seventeen people were injured when Indian troops and police personnel resorted to brute force against peaceful protesters while one hundred civilians including Hurriyet leaders and activists werearrested in the month.

Indian troops and paramilitary personnel also destroyed two residential houses and molested a woman during the period.

Anti-India sentiment runs deep in Kashmir, where different groups have struggled since 1989 for either independence or a merger with Pakistan.

India and Pakistan each administer a portion of Kashmir, but both claim the region in its entirety.

Since 1989, an armed uprising and an ensuing Indian crackdown in the region have killed an estimated 68,000 people.

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