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Hell froze over as Easter bunny was sighted in the Red Fort of Delhi while attending fairy Godmother’s appointment as minister of electricity and water supply in utopia, inspired by series of these significant events Alice now old and bedridden has decided to pay a visit to wonderland to meet her old friends to mobilize the populace there in favor of construction of a wall on Mexican border as wizard of Oz just endorsed Donald Trump in his presidential bid. Unlikely? Rubbish? Not as much as Indian claims of conducting surgical strikes in Pakistan this morning, deceptive, ludicrous, and utter baloney, sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree.

It really has taken an amusing twist, claiming an attack on a foreign land? When did it happen last time in history? Did Hitler “claim” the occupation of Paris and tried to prove it with some film footage of army trainings or news releases? Or Margate Thatcher had to give a presentation to British people that Britain have punished Argentina on Falkland Islands issue? Indian media and the government in their failed and faked attempts to develop a fog screen over the issue of Kashmir is targeting their own people with disinformation and blind propaganda. Not surprisingly Indian people are falling for it as anti-Pakistan sentiment is an astonishing reality in Indian society. The worst type of propaganda is the one intended for opposition but continuous rhetoric of which makes you yourself believe that it is true, Joseph Goebbels had the same fate. Indian “claims” of performing “surgical strikes” are nothing short of these attributes, self-deceptive and delusional war mongering and blood hysteria hyped by Indian media and their government in the post math of Uri Attacks have left Indian political elite with no choice other than posing theatrically, as harsh as it might sound. Indian media is behaving like a pervert who has satisfied himself using his imagination and claiming the whole episode to be as real, harsher words came in mind but decorum of the platform doesn’t allow one to express those.

NDTV tweeted and I quote “#SurgicalStrikes were filmed, troops went deep, returned before sunrise”, this is where option 4 mentioned in an earlier write up on the matter came into play where it was suggested that India’s best bet out of the whole war hysteria thing is to make a movie about it. Though they went a step further and attempted to present a soap opera, a terrible one though, one really has to admit, terming artillery fire on line of control in which 2 Pakistani soldiers embraced martyrdom as surgical strike is as absurd as it gets but this absurdity is something what most people across the border have adopted as way of life. Hence again its absolute mayhem on the social media, read some Indian restaurant is celebrating the “surgical strikes” by giving 20% discount, hope they have abundant inventory of lemon slices.

As a response to it, Pakistani narrative is already a balanced one, Pakistan should not blow it out of proportion, any firing or shelling on the line of control from Indian forces should be dealt accordingly then and there with adequate force and precise prejudice within the paradigm of committed aggression. Pakistan should not take the bait of escalating it militarily which will allow Indians to build an excuse for further outcry, rather we should focus more on blending the entire effort with proactive diplomatic and political front and conveying it to the international community, unmasking Indian mayhem and thirst for blood, specially Indian devilish approach on the matters of atrocities and human right violations in Kashmir, highlighting Indian support on nurturing terrorism in Pakistan and stealing Pakistan’s water by violating Indus basin treaty. It’s not a battle it’s a war, a long war of attrition, we need a continuous commitment and cohesiveness in the strategy.

Sometime it becomes little sad to see so much hate among majority of common Indians for Pakistan, a country suffering from severe cast system which is cultivating a constant state of rift among different factions of its people should focus more on solving its social issues. It is correct that people normally get inspired by their governments and point of view which gets endorsement from the higher level, this is where Indian media plays very negative role, as we can see how Indian media is on a chest thumping moronic run, they genuinely lack the vision it requires to build a nation rather its taking the Indian nation on sentimental ride, a ride which will ultimately end downhill, they will say and claim absolutely anything, since “Surgical Strikes” “paid” off so now they will bring further unattainable objectives on the table for their military and political leadership, they will bring numbers, different rationale and reason trying to justify further escalation, pretend to be on the sane side of it but beneath their mask of logic there is a fragility which worries me, a sincere advice to them would be to widen their gaze and steel their minds; or by the time they will realize their insanity made it all of the potential coming forth destruction possible; it will be the last sane thought in their heads, that is a more composed take in broader picture which is connected with current canvas of claims, as far as Indian claims of surgical strikes are concerned; deceptive, ludicrous and utter boloney; sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree.

Ahsan Malik is an IT professional with a passionate & candid version of his own on national and international issues relating to Pakistan, he tweets @MohdAhsanMalik and can be reached at

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  1. Indian’s hit an all time low.

    How can the common Indian believe the media, the government and now their army from here on.

    Perfect opportunity for Pakistan to capitalize through the UN monitoring group which is still active in Azad Kashmir and present the findings to the world through a televised conference. Invite the world’s media to speak to them directly.

  2. 14 Indian soldiers were killed in an attempted strike on the LoC.

    Several Indian soldiers were injured.

    Ya Allah Azuwajjal give strength and success to Pakistan Afwaj against a dishonourable beligerant enemy. It now makes sense why Modi sardar the media and army are making such brazen statements, bare face lies. It also explains why the Indians are removing their people from near the international border with Pakistan. Indians however are not removing muslims along LoC in Kashmir only non muslims. Indians historically have a philosophy he who shouts loudest wins. We have seen this in their lies and absurdities to cover their own losses.

    We muslims follow an ayah from the Qu’ran.

    …”Truth needs no support and stands firmly on its own”.

    No doubt Indians will seek to retaliate tonight in revenge for their losses.

    Our prays are with our heroes with in Pakistan Afwaj.

    Stay safe, we are proud of you.

    I write on behalf of Azad Kashmir and no doubt the same can be said for Balochistan, KP, Punjab and Sindh.

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