Indian police beat 80-year-old woman, break her bones


Police in Indian state of Bhopal broke the bones of an 80-year-old woman after beating her mercilessly.
According to details, four to five police personnel entered the woman Kamlabai’s house and started beating her, the husband, both their sons and four grandsons with sticks.

“I was sitting in my house along with my husband, sons and grandsons when police barged in. They accused me of hiding stone pelters inside my house. I denied, and said they were free to look around but they started beating me and my husband with sticks,” she told Times of India on Friday evening. Her husband, Shivnarain, said, “I was lying on my cot when the policemen entered our house. They started abusing and assaulting us despite our pleading that we were not rioters.”

The elderly woman also says that police fired four to five tear gas shells into her house. “Our house is on a farm behind Phanda petrol pump. Chased by police, some protesters ran through the courtyard of my house and into the farms behind us, but neither I nor any member of my family was pelting stones at police. We were all sitting inside the house since we knew that the situation in the village was tense,” Kamlabai said.

Police also took her grandsons into custody. The woman’s arm was fractured whereas her husband received injuries on the legs. They went to meet Madhya Pradesh chief minister in order to inform him about the atrocities. However; they were turned away by police.










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