Indian Navy gets new chief


Indian Navy,NEW DELHI: The Indian Navy’s top brass is expected to undergo a major reshuffle after the appointment of Rabindar Kumar (Robin) Dhowan as the new naval chief, following a string of accidents that have dogged its fleet.

Dhowan took over the post, which had been vacant for nearly two months since his predecessor Admiral DK Joshi suddenly resigned after taking personal responsibility for a string of operational accidents onboard commissioned vessels.

Vice Admiral Dhowan, who has served as the acting Navy chief since Joshi’s exit, was in contention for the job against Western Commander Shekhar Sinha and Eastern Commander Anil Chopra.

Indian Navy has been marred by a succession of accidents, the majority of which took place under Sinha’s command during the last 10 months. Sinha is reported to have resigned in protest against Dhowan’s appointment.

Following  Sinha’s resignation, Vice Admiral Anil Chopra, southern command chief Vice Admiral Satish Soni and strategic forces command chief Vice Admiral SPS Cheema could all be shuffled around.


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