Indian mindset with CPEC in perspective


The war between Pakistan and India over the state of Kashmir has been going on for a very long period of time now. Although no such dispute should exist as the documents from the British as well as the historical statements all have the documented proof that Kashmir and its territories belong to Pakistan. This fact is very well known but yet India seem to be under the misconception of thinking that Kashmir is their right and property. We all know why now India wants to keep occupying Kashmir more than ever is because of CPEC. Kashmir has been the issue many a times between the two Nuclear Powered Nations and it has been ever since partition. They have tried before and have succeeded in driving out most of the population from Kashmir which Muslims were the major part of, giving the term Indian Occupied Kashmir to the areas that they forcefully captured. Using brute force and heavy manpower to rid the areas of any Pakistani’s, the Indian army has always been a major threat to the peaceful living of the locals.

The Pakistani Government has tried to intervene in the whole mess of things but have been unsuccessful in the bigger picture. Although this year’s UNGA ignited a spark of hope for the Kashmiris as the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif discussed the issue of Kashmir with the major powers of the world and received attention for his cause, it has been met with threats and skirmishes across the Line of Control dividing Indian Kashmir and Pakistani Kashmir by the Indian Army. Any incident involving attacks at the Indian Army is seen by them as a conspiracy by Pakistan that will lead to war but if they are the ones killing and firing bullets over to the Pakistan side, it’s only to kill the so called terrorists that India imagines everywhere.

The fact of the matter is that India is out of options now. It has tried so hard to stop CPEC from happening through a multitude of ways, some of which include; Blaming Pakistan for the Uri Attack to the UN which failed, Claiming Gilgit Baltistan as their property which failed, Labeling China as a bully towards India that failed and the most recent so called Surgical strike which blew up in India’s face and made them look even more stupid and desperate. The world recognized the Surgical Strike as nothing more than a farce and India has to make up cover stories offering zero proof against Pakistan or the terrorists they killed. It all leads down to one thing. India is getting desperate as Pakistan becomes a superpower through CPEC leaving India Isolated.

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