Indian Media : Abducting the Victims of ill-fate


In April 2015, Nepal got struck by an earthquake that was worst of its sort after nearly a century. It was around noontime when the triggering effect of the quake brought down the century old landmarks and numerous houses. The major areas shaken by the quake (of magnitude of 7.8) were the central Katmandu and Bhukampa. The security cameras installed at different points captured the horrifying moment of the earth shaking violently. Nepal lost many of its heritage sites to the earth quake, among these were the century old temple constructed by Nepal Royalty.

Nepal being Asia’s one of the poorest countries, was short of the appropriate quantity of resources to deal with the massive destruction. Therefore, around 14 countries promptly sent in their rescue teams to provide assistance to Nepal. These teams together pulled out the people trapped under the rubble, who were later shifted to safer areas with the facility of shelter, medicine and food.

Since Pakistan has faced the similar calamity in 2005 and knows the level of destruction and devastation, so immediately Pakistan sent rescue and relief assistance to Nepal. The Pakistan Army in collaboration with the government sent 6-7 planes containing 30 bed moving hospitals, with a team of highly professional doctors, 200 packets of ready-to-eat food, 600 blankets, 200 hundred tents to support the affected people.

The efforts conducted by Pakistan in this regard were highly appreciated and valued by the people of Nepal, which ironically for the enemy became very thorny to sop up. To create some hindrance in this positive coverage of Pakistan, the Indian media with the backing of her regime very propagandistically instigated an anti-Pakistan campaign. They initially blamed Pakistan for sending in food packets that contained beef which is considered as religiously forbidden in Nepal, a Hindu dominated nation. On this matter Tasnim Aslam (spokesperson, Pakistan’s Foreign Office) denied such allegations at a press conference. Her message clearly signaled that at the deepest level of reality there is no such thing.

The Indian media pictured Nepal as a nation, which due to shortage of resources is not capable of lifting up on its own, and how the Big Brother (India) jumped into the scene to assist her. It was obvious that the focus of the Indian media was seemingly more on the Indian journalists. Even the statement issued by the Nepal’s Armed Force clearly stated  that they have failed to understand why Indians are  victimizing  or shooting the dying people when they were  only  requested  to send in some technical support and relief army.


The tensions between Nepal and India can be dated back, when Nepal was declared as an independent state in 1927 by the British civil servant. Ever since, the Nepalese often accused India for treating it as inadequately but this time it managed to grab the attention of every ear and eye that dwells love for humanity in its heart.

The sensational and dramatic exposure of the victims by the Indian media completely angered and outraged the Nepalese. They found the allegations and the insensitive questioning during the interviews from the victims very disrespectful. They also accused Indian media for hurting their dignity and pride. After that, the aggressive and outrageous Nepalese flooded twitter with hash tag #GoIndianMediaGo. There were around 144000 tweets blaming Indian for covering the quake in the most insensitive and unethical manner. Indian media was further forenamed as the vultures that eat the meat of the dead to exist. Although, the Nepal government preferably remained tight-lipped on the situation but it was obvious that the locals had said enough to show their feelings of abhorrence against India. Even a letter from a Nepalese to CNN also explained the damage caused by the reporting.


It is fairly apparent that Nepal is already battling with the widespread loss caused by the earthquake and this kind of ill-treatment by the hands of Indian media will only kill the hope of survival in them. They should try to utilize this chance to win back the hearts of Nepalese as this surly doesn’t seem the right time for anyone to get bullied by the Big Brother. Future more, they should strive to earn admiration and reputation by covering some factual stories instead of just drawing the viewers’ towards their dramatic and unrealistic reporting of the events. As at this moment, we need to send out some positive feelings and give Nepalese a hope to live.

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