Indian jets violate Pakistani territory




ISLAMABAD: Indian Fighter Jets violated Pakistani airspace a little before 11 AM on Tuesday, Geo News reported.


According to the PAF Spokesman, two Indian Fighter Jets violated Pakistani airspace on Tuesday at 10:40 AM. The violation took place in the Attari, Fazilka sector. The two air crafts flew 3 nautical miles inside Paksitani terriroty and remained for two minutes.

The PAF spokesman added, that following the violation, two Pakistan Fighters jets were scrambled in response, following which the Indian Aircraft retreated back to Indian Airspace.

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  1. OK – so Indian jets were inside for 2 minutes, and within 2 minutes the PAF readied 2 jets and they took off towards the Indian jets, who saw them on the radar and retreated.

    I’m sure most Pakistanis will believe that the PAF is faster than Maggi 2 Minute Noodles….. but perhaps a better story is – they strayed in, corrected their course within 2 minutes and got out before the situation escalated. That story makes a lot more sense than PAF Maggi !!

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