Indian Home Minister Accuses Pakistan of ‘Destabilising India’


India, Pakistan, Destabilising, Pak-India Relations, Gujrat, Assam,NEW DELHI, INDIA: Two days after a brief meeting between the prime ministers of Pakistan and India at the Saarc summit was seen as a sign of thawing relations, the Indian home minister blamed “Pakistani state actors” on Saturday for “destabilising India”.

Rajnath Singh, while addressing inspectors and directors general of police in India, said on Saturday that he was confident that these groups would never be able to succeed in India and said that majority of the Indian Muslims will not side with them.

“Though ISIS is born in Syria and Iraq, it is a fact that the Indian subcontinent is not outside its radar, especially as some Indian youth are also getting attracted towards it.”

He especially referred to al Qaeda’s announcement in September of a new outfit for the Indian subcontinent called Qaeda-ul-Jihadi, with intentions of specifically targeting Gujarat, Assam, Bihar and Bangladesh, and identified this too as a major challenge.

Singh went on to claim that the Pakistan Navy was involved in the hijacking of a naval frigate, which, he added, was a ‘worrying development’ for the entire region, especially against the backdrop of the rise of ISIS.

“The South Asia wing of al Qaeda has claimed it had tried to hijack a Pakistani naval frigate with the intention of attacking Indian and US naval vessels. Some people of the Pakistani Navy were also involved in this. But I am confident our police and security forces will be able to strike back at any such attempts,” Singh said.


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  1. I am no longer phased by Indian lies.

    India is the “boy who cries wolf” and all know it.

    All nations are widely aware of Indian involvement in the destabilisation of Pakistan this last decade but hey its geopolitics and global economics at work so at this juncture the India over inflated ego is tolerated.

    Pakistan has acted with maturity but needs to articulate India involvement in destabilising Pakistan more vociferously with evidence.

    This is signalling Indian strategic ideas for the Arabian sea to the Pacific on the backdrop of maligning Pakistan.

    So the Indian narratI’ve will never and can never change as it affects their hegemonic despotic designs for the region.

    I have always said history by the will of God has a away of balancing out and repeating. Pakistan is the Indus Valley and heir to the great Mughal Empire and destined to rise.

    This decade was a success for India in destabilising and maligning Pakistan but a small insignificant blip in history.

    We all know what happened to the boy who kept crying wolf.

    Sooner or later people and others will lose faith of the inflated and self infatuated Hindu ego. In my opinion it has to be the most arrogant self centred and equally fragile ego in the world and very self destructive when the praise is not found in he corridors of world powers.

    Pakistan needs to become Nay a Pakistan. This region has shown they can be slaved by an imperial power directly or indirectly and the geopolitics of Mujahadeen are over. Rather it is time to pack the Ak47 for more pragmatic politics.

    Central Asia is Pakistan’s Manzil and has always been so. India is the land if ghulams we wish them well with their progress but beyond this we hold little affiliation for them.

    Sub continent has historically been influenced through its West namely Modern day Pakistan and Central Asia. Similarly Pakistan needs influence from its north and West but certainly not the East.

    The East should remain a market we should look to exploit.

    Pakistan is are awaiting for new Pakistan we just do not have the politicians who have quite the same vision.

    Stragically, Minerally if there is such a word Pakistan will remain the lynchpin of this region.

    Our youth are modern and forward thinking and our military is strong and steadfast. Our media is free and Universities are of high calibre. We need to shed the plague of 2 decades of war and craft a modern progressive Islam and bring change in governance.

    Let the Indians cry wolf it’s not like it is a new concept or strategy.

    This is what the sons of Siva do cry and hit from the back.

    We are all too aware of the duplicit ChaNakya politics of India and nature of every Indian and that goes for muslim or non muslim.

    We are Pakistan your games of stick and stones will never break us.

    Your lies have never deterred us and will never phase us but those who understand the Hindu psyche will know how amusing it is.

    You have been like this for centuries why would we expect you to change now :).

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